Crazy Christmas Offers & The Star Buy Bundle Bundle!!








Some of the places are limited so don’t miss out!


€899 instead of €1888 … and there is a payment plan


Learn how to plan so that you have your most successful year EVER while allowing it to fell easy!

6 months of support for your business focusing on sales, mindset, social media and business systems so that you stay consistent and attract sales and clients into your programs.

The 21 day energetic reset you need to ensure you are releasing any unconscious resistance between you and the results you want to manifest or receive into your life

Let’s deep dive into your business and create the lasting changes you need so that you can achieve your goals and desires.

Pay in full BONUS – 3 * 1-1 personal coaching calls to use in 2024

Immediate access to all programs.
Coaching can be used in 2024

Program Planning Intensive
€99 instead of €222

This is for you if you are sick of saying you are going to create a program for your audinece and you want to finally make decisions on all aspects of it so you can bring it into reality and do the work you are called to do!

€122 instead of €222

90 min session to help you remove all resistance to creating and posting content so it feels more aligned to you and effortlessly attracts the clients you want to serve. You will leave with a plan that suits you perfectly and helps you create the online presence you desire!

€222 instead of €444

You want to work through some mindset issues and solidify a strategy for creating and selling the services you want to fill through daily access and get quick responses for your questions! Choose when you want to use this in 2024.

€22 instead of €222

This program will walk you through the steps to create your simple plan for next year to allow you to have the most success without the burnout! This is a pre-recorded training and you have lifetime access to the replay & support in the members group for all questions to ensure you are ready for your best year yet!

€111 instead of €222

90 min intuitive session to help you get complete clarity on the goal you want to create & get tips on Simple ideas to align your energy to allow this goal in faster. You will leave with an action plan for your business developed with the help of source energy and your higher self. Can be used anytime in 2024. Read more about Clear Your Path HERE

€388.50 instead of €777

My most popular online program to help you Strengthen Your Mindset and Allow All Your Desires to Flow to You with Ease. You get instant access to all step by step training modules, Money Mindset Expansion Training AND 4  bonus masterclasses! See what previous members of JOURNAL MASTERY say HERE

SYSTEMS & PROCESS implementation week
€150 instead of €299

You know your business is ready for the next level but you feel the back end of your business needs attention and is whats holding you back. You are so ready to allow it to be easier for you and for your clients. Together we will figure out exactly what will suit your business and offers best as it stands right now and ensure its build-able as you grow! We will do what you can with what you have got and I will advise the best systems to put in place to make it easier for you. You will have full access to me through calls, emails and messages for one week to ensure we put it all in place!

€600 instead of €1000

This is for you if you are felling lost, overwhelmed and frustrated with your business results. You are ready to do what needs to be done, to become consistent and to see results from your efforts. BUT where to start? Who to ask for help? What strategy to use? How do you stop giving up? In FOCUSED we meet weekly to create your sales plan. We have monthly tech clubs, social media reviews AND energetic resets through Q&As. You have access to how to tutorials, step by step guides, expansive meditations and a group of people with the same goals and desires as you. You will have full access to me through the members only Facebook group where you can ask any questions you need help with. This program feels like you are getting high touch 1-1 support without the high ticket price-tag! Get the full DETAILS HERE

Profitable programs
€333 instead of €1000

This online self paced program is for you is you want to start attracting 4 figure clients with ease. You will be taken by the hand and guided step by step through the process of creating a 4 figure offer, identifying your perfect client for this offer, marketing to them, making the sale and the mindset shifts you need to see all of this through. There are high level clients who WANT to pay you your new high level rate…let’s help you find them.

€55 instead of €222

This online self paced program is for you because you know you are doing what needs to be done and still the results are not happening. You are sick of being busy, working so hard only to feel disappointed in the outcome. What really needs your attention here is the energy you are choosing to live in..because you are definitely not in receiving mode! You will be taken through 3 simple exercises that will help you make sense of why things are the way the are and you will be guided on EXACTLY what to do to move yourself out of this stuck energy into receiving mode..THIS ONE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Read more HERE

Sales plan intensive
€55 instead of €122

You have an offer suite of services and/or products that you sell throughout the year. But a lot of people don’t think about selling in advance and end up taking on clients at inconvenient times..or running promotions just because they need to get some money in!
Wouldn’t it be better to plan out the year giving you a clear picture of what you will sell when making sure it does not affect any of your time off or recharge time! During this intensive we will cover everything from your sales plan to your launch plan to ensure you know what you are selling when next year!

OFFER #12 [only 3 spots available!]
back on track
12 months instead of 8
€3333 instead of €4444

8 month 1-1 container, but you will get 12 months! , for the woman who is ready to achieve success in her business again and create sustainable results! We meet once a month via video call and we assess where you are right now, what you did well, what you feel needs a tweak. We define your goal for the coming weeks and make a plan of action…. we will also make sure there is nothing stopping you from going for it! The plans will be easy, manageable and have an emphasis on self care and down time…because we are leaving the hard slog behind in 2024… You can’t build your empire if you are burnt out, so let’s find the easier more sustainable way! You will have weekly access to me via message support if you need a motivation boost or have any questions between our calls!


Program starts in January 2024

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