Sales Plan Intensive


Getting your launch and sales plan in place for the full year ahead!



Imagine knowing exactly what you will sell when for an ENTIRE YEAR!

Has this ever happened to you?

– working when you are supposed to be on holidays?

– running out of time during a promotion and you end up not posting about your upcoming service or product that day?

– giving up after a few days when no-one has bought?

– deciding to throw out an offer just for the sake of it and never doing it again because it did not go well?

– realising you have tonnes of content and program material in your reserves that you could sell but it is just sitting there gathering dust?

– you sell something for a while and it doesn’t go well so you lose your confidence and start to dip into hiding and reducing prices in desperation?

Let’s be brutally honest here

In order to make money from your business you need to sell.

Now you can sell, one thing over and over again.


(and this is true for most people)

You have an offer suite of services and/or products that you sell throughout the year.

But a lot of people don’t think about selling in advance and end up taking on clients at inconvenient times..or running promotions just because they need to get some money in!

Wouldn’t it be better to plan out the year giving you a clear picture of what you will sell when making sure it does not affect any of your time off or recharge time!


=> Your time off for the year ahead decided and marked off on your calendar

=> A clear and concise suite of services and/or products that you will concentrate on selling as your core launches next year.

=> A review of your products/services suite with tips on how to use them in different ways to enhance promotions.

=> Your launch time plans decided upon

=> Tips on how to improve your selling techniques and call to actions so it feels easier for you.

=> A plan on what to include in your launch plan from a content and promotion perspective.

=> A mindset strategy to use during your launches to ensure you stay on track and attract the sales you desire.
=> An energetic routine you can use to tap into the energy of your content consumers to ensure you are speaking directly to them!
60 Minute Intensive over video call for your convenience.
Times that suit you! you can choose when suits you best.

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