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"Guiding Light-workers to own their BRILLIANCE & get paid well for what they LOVE and feel called to do"

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Grab an online course and complete in your own time. Most of my courses have bonus online access to me for questions!


You are ready to be fully supported in the creation of a business that not only supports you but gives you the freedom you desire


Join an intimate group of women all focused on the common goal of making more sales this year. This container gives you all the support you need to reach that goal!
Hi! My name is Breda Stackpool
& I ADORE my job as a Lightwork Mentor
It's crazy to think that I hid the fact I was a lightworker for so long, even though it was the core of my business coaching work for years! It came to a point where it was actually hurting my business "trying" to hide the fact that I was an intuitive instead of OWNING it and creating the services for the clients I deeply desired to work with.
I know now it’s my life work to guide fellow lightworkers to create a business that supports who they truly are.
If you are ready to create a profitable business and attract clients you adore, doing the work you feel called to do… you are in the right place…

Here is the major problem with intention setting..
Most people set goals instead of intentions!

People set these intentions and goals from a place of lack, fear or desperation
instead of from a place of gratitude, alignment and true desire.

Would you like the exact questions I use to help me define what I want, how I want it and of course also identifying what I need to let go of to let it in!

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Breda x

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