1 Month Message Coaching


You want to work through some mindset issues and solidify a strategy for creating and selling the services you want to fill through daily access and get quick responses for your questions!



Message Coaching is very powerful as you have access to me EVERY DAY for questions.

Having a wobble quoting that new price?
Unsure of what to put out in content today?
Want feedback on a new program you have just thought of?
Feeling like your head is not in the game today?
Want to go to the next level and need support getting in alignment?

Then you pick up the phone and send me a message and I will support you to get the answers you need!

You don’t have to wait for your call time!

There is no cap on the amount of messages/questions you send.

All topics that are important to you can be explored!

Looking forward to supporting you,
Breda x

I felt I needed help with increasing my page followers and likes and getting followers to interact more with my posts. Before starting, I felt a bit apprehensive to be honest, and a bit of fear as it was my first time asking for help with my business.


I got so much from our coaching . I learned so much about myself but also about my business and what I was actually offering to my clients.


The one big BREAKTHROUGH for me was standing in my own power. Once I stood into my own power everything flowed, clients were booking in, I felt incredible, my interaction on my social media increased. I got a better understanding of who my ideal client actually was I thought I knew this before I did the coaching with Breda but can now see I didn’t.


During the 4 weeks, I stepped more in my power, and I owned my business. I had more purpose about my business as I now know what my business is, and what my services can actually help my clients with. Before this I was too vague, and unclear of my messages. Now my messages are very clear and I find it easier to talk to people or potential clients about the work that I am so passionate about.


I have already implemented changes. I have launched my program which I am so excited about, and I have a good few enquiries about my program which I am totally excited about. I also am looking at doing a workshop or two online. In relation to myself I am now more mindful about my energy and what energy I am bringing through every day, protecting my energy when going out and about and ensuring I disconnect myself energetically from my clients after each session.


I now feel amazing in myself, I feel more confident, more empowered, and also quiet proud of what I have manifested in my personal life but also my two businesses I have transformed. Business wise I felt a huge lift in energy, there is more clarity, I am now more clear with my clients with communication. With working with Breda it has certainly opened up a lot of potential opportunities that I didn’t think existed before hand.


If you are thinking of doing this – Go for it, I sat on the fence for a while as to whether I could afford it, and I can now say it was the best money I have every spent. The clarity I got from it was unbelievable, I discovered a few limiting beliefs that were holding me back that I didn’t know existed Breda helped me in fishing them out. Breda has such intuition, and such knowledge, it was an absolute pleasure working with Breda, she understood my business and knew exactly what my business was about and most important Breda was interested in my business and making it as successful as I can.

Grace Gleeson, Life of Light Holistic

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