Content Planning Session


Removing all resistance to your content creation so it feels more aligned to you, and effortlessly attracts the clients you love to serve.



Would you like your content creation to feel less hard, less forced and more aligned?

Here is the thing.

If you have an online business – i.e. you want people to buy from you directly from your posts online – then you need to market using content!

Marketing is simply a task that needs to be completed in your business, but often it is pushed down the to-do list due to the resistance we feel when thinking about what to post!

I am here to help you get it all out of your head and create an aligned content plan so you can remove the resistance and start enjoying creating for your audience!

I personally have been creating content for online audiences since 2009 and I can hand on heart say that 99% of my sales come from my content and showing up consistently, so I am here to help you create the plan that suits you. What will not happen during this session is me handing you what I do and telling you to copy it because our situations and approaches will be very different…we have to find your aligned way of doing it!


=> Your main topics of focus to use as your content prompters

=> An easy to follow plan that you can be consistent with allowing you to constantly connect with your audience
=> Tips on how to improve your selling techniques and call to actions so it feels easier for you.
=> An easy to follow routine on how to create content during your launches.
=> Removal of any internal blocks that might be causing resistance right now when it comes to showing up online!
=> The NUMBER #1 thing you should do when creating content in the hope of attracting clients and sales!
=> An energetic routine you can use to tap into the energy of your content consumers to ensure you are speaking directly to them!
90 Minute Intensive over video call for your convenience.
Times that suit you! you can choose when suits you best.

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