It's time to reach your point of pure clarity so you can create brilliant results from the actions you take.

Here is what I know about you right now..

YOU are so sick of feeling frustrated with yourself
BECAUSE you know that you are capable of so much more.

YOU are determined not to give up on your goals and desires
EVEN if it looks off track right now.

YOU are ready to simplify your life, business and client work by
CHANGING the way you are currently doing things.

YOU can feel deep within you that the work you are so capable of doing,
AND WANT TO KNOW HOW to communicate this as a service offering.

Let me take you back to the time when I felt lost confused and frustrated.

It was like someone had changed the rules of the game and no-one told me!

Everything felt "OFF!"

My mindset work did not seem to empower me like before.
There were crickets on my social media sites
where previously large interaction rates and sold out notices were my results.
The work I used to love doing felt different to me now.
It did not inspire me or light me up as before.


I knew what I was capable of.
I knew the results I could create for myself and my clients.
I knew that I could figure this out.
But everything I was trying just was not working!


I believe deep down that my goals and desires are mine.
I just kept going..doing the same things!
And the results were not coming like I thought they would!


Ironically when things get hard, we work harder.
When the results don't come easy, we complicate things even further,
thinking we have don't have all the information we need anymore.


I could feel it within me.
I knew I was changing at my core.
I knew that I was hiding who I really was now,
but I had no idea how to let it out!


If it is this hard, your focus in in the wrong direction and you are not allowing yourself to become the person you want to be.

As soon as I started asking the right questions and owning who I wanted to become and have,
here is what happened!

==>> I aligned completely with a very strong mindset allowing me to go after goals
that I had not dared dream about up until this point

==>> My social media following started to increase,
and my interaction rates were going up by the day.
People seemed interested in what I had to say again
and I felt inspired to share.

==>> Sales started to come in quickly often booked over DM with messages like
"Because you changed your messaging, I know you can help me now!"
My income consistently increased month on month
AND I even gave myself permission not to sell sometimes!

==>> I cut my working time to what I wanted to do,
not what I thought I should to try and get more sales and clients. Started enjoying my life again,
cut the overwhelm, and felt much more at peace with myself.

==>> I simplified my offerings, increased all my prices
and booked my highest ever paying client within 24hrs.
I cut out all the stuff that I just did not feel aligned with anymore,
even the past "best-sellers".

==>> I stood in my power and announced to the world that
I use my intuitive powers in all my service offerings and it was the most freeing moment ever!
I don't feel like I have to trip over my words or hide parts of me any more.
I now own the fact that I work with the strategy AND the spiritual.
Turns out a lot of people do OR want to do this!

My powerful gift lies in the area of intuitive foresight.

I can see your potential.
I can see what is going on for you.
I can see what you are avoiding and WHY!

And I can help you clear the energy to allow in what you are here to do..

I help you reach your point of CLARITY.

Download and interpret the answers you are looking for right now.

I help you CLEAR YOUR PATH, so you can take focused steps forward.

The worst thing is feeling lost, confused, overwhelmed and stuck!


All it can take is someone to help you unravel the noise in your head so you can clear your own path to success.


Feel in complete alignment with your goals and actions!

  • You get 90 minutes dedicated 1-1 time to help you identify what to release and make peace with.
  • You will become crystal clear on what you are here to do and who this is for.
  • You can use these for whatever mindset or business challenges you feel you need help with right now.
  • You will leave this call with a step by step plan you can put into practice immediately!

I wanted clarity on the next step to take in my business.

“I was unsure if I was on the right path as things had not been working in my favour, I wanted to get clarity on what my next steps should be and easiest ways of doing it.

I wanted to get intuitive guidance from her that I was going about my business the right way and I also was to get reassurance that the next step I was taking was going to be the right step and I got the support I needed.

Now, I am more confident and sure in myself that I am doing the right thing and that everything will work out for me.

If you are thinking of booking this - do it the guidance and support is brilliant ”

Yvonne O'Grady, Tranquil Energy

I wanted to gain clarity and discuss a strategy for serving clients... I got Insights, Guidance, Support.

“I got lots out of the call which I can now work towards. I'm not just throwing stuff out there onto social media - there is a purpose behind what I'll be putting out there with the end goal of filling a new programme.

In a short time Breda was able to help me find clarity and work with me to create a strategy for the launch of a new group programme that I was half considering but wasn't sure how to develop and commit to it.

She mirrored back to me and questioned everything with me until I got clearer and clearer and finally we created the design of the programme. All I have to do now is build it.

Also Breda's insights from her years of social media were very helpful reminding me to speak my audiences language so that they get to know, trust and like me and also on training my audience for feedback has been very beneficial guidance for not just my new programme but for all my communications with my audience.

Breda is easy to talk to, knows her shit and will kindly question you until you find the answers within.

Brenda McCole Coaching
Yes Breda, I'm ready to CLEAR MY PATH!

Standalone private 90 min call.

Yes Breda, I'm ready to CLEAR MY PATH with one month intuitive support

Standalone private 90 min call.
4 weeks support via messenger - Monday to Friday


Let's take a look at what you actually get

  • Complete clarity on the goal you want to create
  • Simple ideas to align your energy to allow this goal in faster
  • An action plan for your business developed with the help of source energy and your higher self.
  • The exact steps you can take so you can get started immediately.

Where and When

  • Your 90 minute 1:1 call will take place on SKYPE, FB Messenger or phone
  • Appointments are available throughout the week, you can choose when suits you best.
  • Message support will take place via voxer, fb messenger or instagram messenger for 4 weeks after call (Monday to Friday)

I wanted to get clarity on what I want and how I can improve my journalling work... I got insight into what is holding me back and creating blocks for me in my life.

“Breda's ability to hone in on the issues and blocks is razor-sharp. But also it was enjoyable and energising.

Having someone to bounce my worries off and see what was really going on in my head.  Verbalising my thoughts helped me a lot.  Breda's ability to put the right questions to me to draw out the truth of what is going on and giving me tools to help overcome this.

I would definitely recommend this service. Sometimes you just need someone to talk you through what's going on in order to see the way forward more clearly.

Breda is so easy to open up to but at the same time doesn't let you off the hook.  She really pushes you to take a real hard look at what is going on and then helps you figure out a way to move on and make a tangible difference to life and work.

Sarah Breslin Wellness
Yes Breda, I'm ready to CLEAR MY PATH!

Standalone private 90 min call.

Yes Breda, I'm ready to CLEAR MY PATH with one month intuitive support

Standalone private 90 min call.
4 weeks support via messenger - Monday to Friday