ATTENTION: service delivery business owners, coaches, trainers & consultants, and solo-professionals

It’s Time to Leave Behind the Low Paid Months, The Constant Worry About Money & The Feeling of Not Being Able to Afford!!

Yes, You Can have the Business you want and create the revenue you deserve when you use these Simple Strategies ...


I created Stepping Into Money because I was once where you might be right now.

Stressed out, working every hour I could, not having enough business, not knowing what I wanted to do next, living a life I did not want.

And it might surprise you to know that it was not so long ago either!

I had to make some very tough decisions a few years ago and I re-launched my business with no money, no idea how I was going to make it work - At one stage I did not even have a bank account or a phone!

Skip forward 6 months and I had a successful business, working with amazing clients, making more money than I ever have done before and living and much more relaxed life..

Even better still I know how to make consistent income monthly and I usually make more than I did the previous month.


By getting my head in the game, ditching the excuses, doing what I can with what I've got AND MOST IMPORTANTLY..

Focusing on what will get me results, not add to my overwhelm.
.... and now I am ready to help you do it too!

I want to help you "Step Into Money" and get the consistent income you deserve.

I have done a lot of work over the last few years figuring out what works, what does not work and what tasks we need to focus on consistently in order to get the results I want in my business and now I am ready to share these with you too.

How have the past 12 months been for you?

Did you make as much money as you wanted?
Did you have as much time off as you wanted?
Did you get the results you deserve for the work you put in?
Did you set up a routine that works for you?
Did you increase the number of clients/customers on last year?
And are you living the life you want?

If your answer to any of those questions is no, keep reading, because while we can’t turn back the clock, you ARE in the perfect place to making the changes you need to make so you can start answering YES to these questions very soon!

As I reflect back over the past year, I’ve been through some amazing changes both personally and professionally. Here are just a few of the highlights:

=> I’ve launched my and filled 6 coaching programs, launched multiple online products, hosted multiple training events, worked with VIP clients, and increased my online presence.

=> I tripled the sales I made in 2015 by June in 2016, and I am on target to triple 2016's takings in 2017.

=> I’ve become extremely clear on what I do for who, and why which makes it so much easier for me to put the services in place for the people I am meant to work with.

=> I’ve watched my client list grow consistently and had the privilege of working with amazing clients.

=> I have been requested to speak at many conferences and events both online and offline.

=> I planned my wedding and booked my honeymoon (something I did not think was gong to be possible for me 12 months ago!) AND probably the thing I am most proud of.. I bought the dress I WANTED and not the one I could AFFORD.

I call myself a Performance and Productivity Coach, but really I am a hard worker who never quits. I love to see what I am capable of and I love to push my clients to show them what they are capable of too!
So why did I decide to create this program?

Truth be told.. some of my private clients have been asking me to share all this with them for a few months now but I finally think that I have figured out how you can get the ultimate benefit from a program like this without investing thousands!

This program is for business owners who
=> have something to sell.
=> are not getting the results they want.
=> are willing to put the work in, push through their fears (with my help) and put their focus where it matters.
=> want to get to those high paying months in the shortest possible time.
=> are willing to leave the excuses at the door and get to work.

We focus on 3 things
1. What to do to make money.
2. How to take care of money so more can come to you.
3. How to strengthen your MIND set when it comes to money .. essentially how to keep your head in the game!

Here is what you get access to!

=> Monthly training to help you make the changes you need to make in your business quickly and easily.

=> weekly live q&a so you can get my 1:1 support for the questions you have.

=> weekly homework to show you EXACTLY what to do EVERY WEEK

=> Weekly accountability so you stay ON TRACK and I can help you identify what might not be working and what needs to change.

=> Access to a suite of training's such as
"Recurring Revenue in 5 days"
"Using Facebook to find and get you clients"
"Creating Routines that work for you week after week"
"How to Get Really Clear on who your ideal client is"
"Easy Content Creation Strategies so You Are Never Stuck for What to say on Social Media Ever Again"

=> Tonnes of "How to" training e.g. How to announce a price increase with copy and paste templates!

=> Daily access to me for ANY questions you have!

And I add to it it on a weekly basis!!!!


By far the BEST thing about stepping into money is that you will be part of a movement!

I want to ensure that you are part of a strong and powerful movement of women that are all dedicated to
=> making their business a success.
=> ditching the excuses and finding a way
=> having the support they need on tap so they can move past their challenges quickly and easily.
=> being part of a support network that holds each other up when is required and is the first to celebrate the success of the group as a whole.

This weekend I am going to make this an easy decision for you by slashing the price of the annual subscription rate to ONLY €248

That means you get ACCESS to EVERYTHING FOR 12 months for the equivalent of ONLY .67c per day!

Because it is summer time and I'll be damned if I let all your hard work go to waste up until now.

YES, it might be a little harder during the summer months.. but it is not impossible! In fact I had my BEST SALES month last year in August .. and I will help you do that too!


I am going to take it one step further for the quick action takers!

If you are one of the 1st 20 to grab this rate - It will be set in place for 2 YEARS (that is, if you chose to renew your subscription next year- but I know you'll stay for the results you are getting!!!)

Let's put this into perspective shall we.
The monthly subscription is €47/month which would work out at €564 for the year!

TODAY - you pay €248 (actually €247.80 🙂 ) which gives you just under 7 months free, and if you are one of the first 20, you get approx 14 months free!

So here is what you have to do if you want to join this money movement!

1. Click on this link

2. Choose the annual subscription button

3. Enter the coupon code "summermoney" on checkout.

4. Log in and immediately get access to EVERYTHING you need.

5. Join the dedicated facebook group, introduce yourself, grab this weeks homework and start getting your specific questions answered this afternoon.

This OFFER ends Sunday July 2nd.
The 2 year locked in price is only available for the FIRST 20 people!

Looking forward to seeing you there!!
Breda x

p.s. -
=> If you are already a SIM member, you can also grab this offer and cancel your monthly subscription rate and lock yourself in for minimum 12 months

=> If you do not want to renew for the second year.. no problem, the choice will be yours!!

=>This is all done online so you choose your time to check in and out and you can join no matter where you are in the world!