ATTENTION: service delivery business owners, coaches, trainers & consultants, and solo-professionals

It’s Time..that you get a chance to take control of your business and start getting the Results you deserve!!

Yes, You Can have the Business you want and create the results you deserve when you get the help you need ... But hurry because there are limited places available and once they are gone this program won't open again until places become available!

There was once a time in my life when money was a real problem for me.
I had a business, that was not making any money.

I knew I wanted my business to work, but I didn't know how to make that happen.

I knew the people I wanted to help and how I could help them BUT I just didn't know how make them MY clients.

I searched online for answers and found so many coaches that I wanted to work with, but this just made me more depressed because I just could not afford their services.

I knew I needed them, and as much as I heard "when you say yes to yourself, things change.. blah, blah blah" ,  the multiple thousands I needed to get their help was just not in the bank account to make the decision I so desperately wanted to make!

So I was forced to take the long route and I completed A LOT of trial and error, and it took a while but eventually it all came together for me.

It was not easy and this is not the route I would recommend anyone to take.

I made a decision back then, that when I was in a position to that I would create a mentorship program for those who needed the help but financially could not afford the high-level coaching packages.

I now own a successful business, working with amazing clients, working less hours, making money and living and much more relaxed life.. and I am ready to help you do it too!

Dear Business Owner,

Do You Own Your Business, Or Are You Feeling Lost and Confused?

There's a good chance that you started your business to have more money, more time and more freedom to spend doing what you want to do in your life. But most importantly to help and connect with the people who YOU KNOW WILL BENEFIT from your products and services

And then reality hit, right?

And you discovered that it did not matter how many hours you worked, and how many things you tried to get people to work with you, it still was not happening the way you thought it would!

The trouble is that when we work for ourselves we have to do everything ourselves, right?
But how do you know which are the right things to do and when?
Why is it when you try to do something you see others using successfully it does not work for you???


Basically you are so deep into your confusion that you just don’t know where to start, and even if you did know where to start you don’t know why or even how to take the next step!

So you keep going around looking for help, looking for the support you need, the answers to your questions but always feeling like its just out of reach!

Can you take a second to think about what is going on in your business at the moment?

  • Does it have a structure that supports you and your goals?
  • Do you know who your clients are and how to reach them?
  • Do you have a fully booked calendar?
  • Do you have an online presence that supports your message?
  • Do you have a strong brand that people can identify you by?
  • Do you have a strategy for gaining clients?
  • Do you have a clear description on what you sell and why?
  • Are these offerings priced correctly?
  • Are you financially independent as a result of your business?

If your answer to any of those questions is "No", keep reading, because while we can’t turn back the clock, you ARE in the perfect place to making the changes you need to make so you can start answering YES to these questions very soon!

As I reflect back over the past few years, I’ve been through some amazing changes both personally and professionally. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • I made more sales in January 2016 than I did in 3.5 months in 2015!
  • I tripled my 2015 income by May 2016.
  • I generated the same amount in sales by May 2017 than I made in  12 months in 2016
  • I managed to run my business and have an income every single month in 2019 even though I was in hospital for 2 months, became a Mum for the first time and had a long recovery after his birth due to major complications.
  • I have been fully booked with clients for just over 3.5 years.I have created multiple passive income products
  • I've become extremely clear on what I do for who, and why which makes it so much easier for me to put the services in place for the people I am meant to work with.
  • I have set up my business to suit me and allow me to work with clients all over the world.
  • I have been requested to speak at many conferences all over Ireland.
  • I have hosted and filled multiple 1 day workshops.
  • I’ve cut my working week to just 2.5 days a week so I can spend more time with my family, my new baby and friends (and have more free time for myself too)...


Here is Caroline's Story "I have turned my part-time hobby into a full time career, my business is supporting me and my son"

“In September 2016 my business looked like it was closing down. I was on the verge of giving up.Due to circumstances I need to either turn my business around or close it and go get a full time job, this program was my last attempt at the business before I gave up.

I wanted to increase my clients, and build a strong regular business, I wanted to earn an income that would support me and my son, I wanted to give up my part-time cleaning job and work full time in my business within that 6 month period

I finished my part time job in 5 months, I have turned my part-time hobby into a full time career, my business is supporting me and my son, and I have booked our holiday to the sun for this year.

I have completely changed the way I look at my business, I wasn't running it as a business before I was running it as a hobby, I am more focused, I have a plan to work towards, I myself am much more confident and I have never been happier with my life as I am now and I know that it is going to get even better.

There aren't words to describe what working with Breda has done for me, not only has she helped me understand business, how to run one, turn a hobby into a thriving business, turned me into an Entrepreneur, but while she was doing that she helped me find myself, I learned more about myself in the last 6 months than I did in the last 47 years, this last 6 months not only changed my business it has changed my life and the life of my son.

There are so many things about the program but the main things for me are
1. the support and access to Breda daily if needed.
2. The accountability I need this, it keeps me focused and on target.
3. The support of all the other members was just amazing such a fabulous group of people.

I actually have a Business now, I have a strong client basis of which 75% of them are on a 12 month program with me, that security has been amazing, I have my hobby, my passion into a business that I love so much that everyday I grateful for my life. My business is now expanding into workshops and over the next 6 - 9 months I will develop the online side so that there is a constant stream of incoming coming everyday. My health is so much better, my confidence is gone through the roof, everyone around me has commented on how happy I am. It has changed the relationship between my son and I with the stress gone we are actually enjoying life now

I do and will continue to recommend this Program to everyone because if you are serious about turning your business around then this program will get you there. If you do what Breda says you will get the results you want. This program is so good I am going to continue on it with Breda for another 6 months that's how much faith I have in Breda and this program.

Caroline Caffery, Life & Spiritual Mentor

These achievements might all sound so simple when I list them off but the truth is there was once a time when I thought none of this would be possible for me.. and it was not so long ago either!

Back in 2014, I ended up in a devastating situation which resulted in me losing a business I had with my partner, all my money, my house, my car. My phone was cut off, my bank accounts closed and I ended up having to move back in with my parents.

I had no idea what the hell I was going to do or where on earth I was going to start.
I knew I wanted to have my OWN BUSINESS.. this has always been my dream , but I just felt so deflated and beaten.

But, there was one thing that kept happening during that time.

EVERYDAY - I woke up.
EVERYDAY - I got up.
EVERYDAY - I had to do something with my day.
EVERYDAY - I could not shake the feeling that I wanted to be my own boss and help others.

SO I had a choice.. to give up and go out there and get the J.O.B..

Actually start taking this business of mine seriously and get the help I needed to do what I actually needed to do.

You can guess what I chose!

I had decided a long time ago what I wanted and when I realised I could get there quicker with help, I didn't hesitate and decided that I was going to invest in me and my future.

And I also made a very important decision back then.
This decision was what I credit all my success to in the last few years.

If I had not made it, I guarantee you that I would not be where I am now.


I faced some really tough challenges and had to fight through a lot of pain and even lack of self belief, but I found a way and in less than a six months I had built a business and a client base I was proud of.

I can honestly say that there is always a way – It does not matter how bad you think your situation is, there is always a solution and I want to help you discover it, implement it and step up into the results you deserve to have.

Here is Emily's Story "I now have a financially viable Business at last!  "

“Before I started working with Breda my business was a money pit of a hobby.  I relied mostly on a small number of repeat clients and referrals.  I had very minimal interaction in my mailing lists and although I was using social media I wasn't getting any clients through my efforts.  I was uncertain from one week to the next as to when or where my next client was coming from..

Having followed Breda and attended one of her courses I was already seeing results from what I had learned.  However, after trying to go it alone for a while I knew I needed the accountability, someone to keep me focused and to learn how to review what was and was not working and fine tune my efforts.

I wanted to see financial results for my efforts and I wanted to build strong foundations and structure in my business that would allow me to attract new clients, retain current clients and to grow my business.

The biggest achievement for me was building my client base.  It's at the heart of any business and I now have a following of clients and leads for my services.  This is what I am now committed to.  Delivering value to those that look to me for the value and services I offer.  My hobby has transformed into a Business.

This program is a journey of real self discovery and I have learned so much about myself as a person.  I have discovered strengths I didn't know I had and blocks I hadn't realised were there too.

I have seen financial results which is what I wanted, but what I am most proud of is the personal growth, strength and self accountability that now exists for me in my business.  This is most definitely down to the structure that I have learned to implement into my working week.   I can now run my business the way I want to while still delivering service and value to my clients.

Breda was simply fantastic.  I started this program by telling her I wanted guidance, support and honesty when it was needed.  I received all that I asked of her and more.  Breda had my back all the time, she lifted me when I was struggling, she cheered for me when I was winning and she demanded that I not give up when I was feeling absolutely deflated.

The accountability kept me on track but Breda has a wonderful gift for really helping you to fine tune your processes and get to the root of what is not working.  Not to point out what's wrong but to help you understand why it's not working and how it can work better.  This insight is invaluable and it's something you don't get unless you are working 1:1 with Breda.

I now have a financially viable Business at last!  

When I started this program I felt incredibly selfish and guilty as my business was costing my family money and I just couldn't bring myself to close it.

From Lost to in Control really was my last chance. Now my business is contributing and helping to support my family and I am making plans for the future - not dreams anymore, but plans!

Emily Sweeny, Self Care Therapist

And, It all starts with a decision...

One day I just decided..

- I am sick of trying and not seeing results.
- I am sick of not being clear on what I want to achieve
- I am sick of not having the life/money/business I want and have dreamed about for SO LONG!

I took a good long hard look at myself and thought
"I’m worth more than this and I am better than this. Even if I don’t know how to fix this right now I will learn and I will have the business and life I want."

“AND I know this is what YOU want too”

I know that there are people like you who desperately want to work with a coach, who are willing to put in the work, follow the guidance and create results but the problem still remains

“I just cannot afford the multiple of thousands pricetag”

And the truth is.. I totally understand what this feels like. I once didn’t know what the hell I was going to do, not that I would allow anyone else to know that at the time! I’m able to admit that now because I have amazing structures and focus in place that allows me to share some of my own struggles!

“The reality was that I needed someone to guide me”

I did not need a group program, I needed someone to talk to me, to guide me - I would of given anything to get even 15 minutes of some coaches time every month.

I want you to know I've been there. I know what it's like to feel the pain associated with not believing you are good enough, working so hard but not seeing results, hoping from one project to another but never getting anything off the shelf, resenting your business, attracting the wrong clients or possibly no clients at all!

I understand the frustration you feel when you're doing all you can and giving all you've got and yet it's still not coming together.

I know about the gut-wrenching worry when you simply can't figure out how to make this business work – and yet you need to figure out how to make an income that can support you from this business.

And I want you to know that ALL those problems can disappear – for good – when you move from being Lost To In Control!

My turning point

The first thing I want to say to you is 'it's not you'.
Listen, at the end of the day how can you do the things you just don't know how to do?

You simply need a little bit of help and a nudge in the right direction

You see the big problem is, that when we try to solve the problems we have, we get so overwhelmed by all the ideas that flood into our minds, that we end up not knowing what to do.

So we think it's US that are the problem - more specifically, we start to believe that WE are not good enough.

And when we get to that point we find it very hard to differentiate between, not believing we are good enough and,  not accepting the fact that we just don't know how to run the business properly!

But I can help....

At the end of the day there will always be a solution to every problem and helping you identify where you are going wrong is the answer to the problem you have right now..

But how


  • do discover what to switch your focus to?
  • do you decide what projects do you work on, what tasks will give you great results ?
  • do you know what do you do first and what do you remove from your list completely?
    AND how do I do this and create an income at the same time?


Here's the answer: You enroll in my exclusive "From Lost to In Control" Coaching Program.

What would YOU prefer? To stay as you are and continue to not see the results you want or to get focused and change your life and business in record time!

Here is Sharon's Story "At the end of 5 consecutive months so far in 2017, I have earned more than I did the 12 months of 2016  "

“Before I embarked on this coaching program my business had no clear structures or systems in place. I was grabbing and holding any project that came my and I was seriously undercharging my services which resulted in me undervaluing myself and losing my motivation. I also had very poor time management in my business and my family life.

During our initial phone call Breda seemed to understand the blockages that I had created and I felt as though a huge weight was lifting off my shoulders and that I wouldn't have to struggle with my business alone anymore.

I wanted to have clear structures in place for my business so that each day I could approach work with a clear and focused mind rather than feeling anxious about what to do and spending a lot of time getting nowhere. I also wanted to build up my confidence and feel more competent running my business and earn my own income.

I have clear business visions and financial goals in place now and at the end of 5 consecutive months so far in 2017, I have earned more than I did the 12 months of 2016.  It feels so rewarding to be earning my own income and paying my way.

I have much clearer structures and defined services in my business to move it forward.  I have also reached out and asked for help and advice when I have needed it so that I'm not struggling alone anymore.  My time management is so much better and I am not afraid to work long days or take time off when I need to. I also feel more capable of handling stressful situations and standing up for myself and my services when required and I no longer undervalue myself. I am confident about selling my services to my ideal client and I am so much more aware of who to work with now, not grabbing and holding any job anymore!  I am definitely much calmer and more able to deal with any stress that certain projects bring.

The monthly calls with Breda were so helpful, reassuring and much needed, especially on the weeks that I was stuck again or demotivated. I really felt after every call that I was the only one that mattered to Breda at that time and the advice and support was invaluable.
I shed many a tear during and after some of the calls as it always felt like I was releasing the stress and pressures that I was putting on myself. I would also have a clearer focus on the goals that I wanted to work towards for the following 4 weeks.

The training videos were extremely beneficial and I really learnt so much from them and I will continue to watch them and learn so much more.  The weekly accountability forms to be submitted to Breda for feedback were very helpful as it was a good way to recap my week and see if I had achieved what I had planned for my week.  The FLTIC group has been a fantastic network and support.  It feels very secure to be part of a small group and that any question that you I needed to ask would not be lost amongst the 1000's of members as in some other groups on FB. I learnt so much from the posts in the group and I also realised that some of the issues that I have encountered were common in most businesses and that there is always a solution if I reach out and ask.

My business has much clearer structures in place and I have defined the services that I offer and I charge accordingly. I have lots of goals in place and I realise that some will take longer to achieve than others but I'm ok with that and that has made me relax so much more.  I have also removed the 'Time' blockages that were stopping me from moving on and I have accepted that some days will be long hours but they can be replaced with short days on quieter times.

I am so much more confident running my business and selling my business services to my ideal client.  While I am still learning to switch off at certain times, my to do list is a lot less than it was 6 months ago and so much easier to approach and work my way through it. I am very excited about all my future projects.

I would highly recommend this program to everyone running their own business.  When most business people set up their own business they are only given the bare guidelines to running it.  Breda made me delve deep into why I set up my business, why I was running it like I was and how I ultimately wanted to run my business now and in the future. The personal support, the training videos and all the other support received from Breda and all the members in FLTIC has been invaluable to me and a turning point in my business.  I now look at how I am running my business and my daily approach to it. I am not 100% there yet, but I don't think that would keep me motivated if I was. I will continue to learn from this fantastic personal and business coaching experience.

Thank you so much Breda for all your advice, support and care over the last 6 months it has been the best business decision that I have made to enroll in your coaching program. Your business experience and personal stories have helped me so much both personally and professionally and from the bottom of my heart I am very grateful that we got in touch and worked together.  

Sharon Johnston, Interior Designer

Is it time for you to start being proud of your business and its offerings?

Because you’ve read this far, I know that this is resonating with you. That’s why I want to invite YOU to join ‘From Lost to In Control’ to work privately with me for the next 8 months.

TOGETHER we will solve problems such as

  • Lack of Routine to get your business tasks complete.
  • How to handle the "Big Shiny Object" distractions.
  • How to get yourself out-there and attract customers.
  • How to brand yourself and your business.
  • How to set up business support systems.
  • How to use the knowledge that you already have.
  • How to package and price your offerings.
  • How set up strategies that work for you.
  • How use the online world in a way that works for you.
  • How to sell, what to sell and who to sell to.
  • ...And many more

I will be your personal guide helping you week after week ;

    Once a month (every 4 weeks) I will checklist 1personally work with you to plan out what you should be focusing on in your business and why. We will also use this time to start clearing the clutter currently surrounding you and stopping you from getting the results you deserve.
    In order to help you get a head start I will rush to you all my own personal productivity tools and resources to ensure that you hit the ground running and have a productive week – every week!
    Every week we do not have a meeting together you'll send your accountability report to me to ensure that you remain on track with what we agreed in our Productivity Strategy Consultation. Can you imagine what you can accomplish in the next 6 months when you have to constantly report on your progress?
    This will be submitted privately to me and I will send you a personal email response.
    This is where we share our ups and downs, celebrate the successes you are achieving and get group support when you need it. It is here I will also share any extra resources, tips and tools I feel you require over the time you are in the coaching program. If you require extra clarification or support this is also where you can submit any extra questions to get help from me and the rest of the group.
    I want to make sure that even after we work together that you have access to me in a video training format to ensure that you can re-cap on all the tips and tricks you need for your business to make it successful. Just some of the training you'll have access to are:
    => How to increase your productivity each week by 100%
    => How to plan your week so you get results fast
    => Online ordering made easy
    => How to use facebook to find and get you clients
    => Easy content creation so you are never stuck for what to say online again
    => How to get clear on your Ideal client once and for all.
    => How to structure your sales conversations.
    => How to resolve your money drama forever
    =>How to generate recurring revenue for your business
    =>How to get powerful testimonials
    => Money Mindset Expansion
    => Journal Mastery
    => AND when I add more training's, EVEN AFTER we finish working together, you will get those too!
    A day away from the office surrounded by other like minded entrepreneurs can be great to get the creative juices flowing again and get you back on track with your business.
    I host live training events every 2 months and you can pick which one you would like to come to and I'll book your seat!
    This day is designed to go REALLY deep into your business and discover what un-discovered resources and ideas are lurking beneath the surface just waiting to be discovered. By the end of this 1:1 intensive you will have a marketing and sales plan for the year ahead. As part of the from lost to in control program you can choose to include this in your package for ONLY €500, usually €1500 .. and you can opt to have this as part of your installment plan too.
This is a programme – designed to give you EVERYTHING you need to ‘Stop Feeling Lost and start taking Control’

So now for the exciting part...what’s the cost of this program?

I'm going to level with you here. I know that the investment for this program as it stands is probably 6-10 times LESS than other coaches out there are charging. I have been accused of not knowing my worth, having issues around money etc.

But the truth is that I know what it feels like to have help so far out of your reach even though you desperately want it.

That is why I have put in the minimum I think you need to get you the results you want, but you still have 1:1 access to me every month!

So I thought back to the time when I desperately needed help and asked myself the question.. when I was at my lowest, what was the actual amount of money that at a big push I had to spare. Realistically.. what would I have been able to stretch myself to and be able to afford the help that I so desperately required? I knew if I could just make that first payment, that affording every single payment after that would be EASY because I WAS COMMITTED TO DOING THE WORK!

But I could not find anyone that would work with me 1:1 for the amount I could initially stretch to..AND THAT REALLY BUGGED ME!

So I had to find the strength from within and I had to go it alone for the first few months..I found a way.. AND NOW I AM READY TO KEEP MY PROMISE.

I decided back then, that when I was in a position to help people that really want help, but for whatever reason just can't stretch to amounts of 6 thousand plus for a few weeks of coaching.. that I was going to create a program to give them what they want!


Now with that said I only work with a handful of people at a time because I am dedicated to getting you where you need to go and I want to ensure that I have the full amount of time and energy available to support you during your time in this program.

So I can only offer a a limited amount of spots on this program and I want you to have one of them.

I don't ask you to invest 6 thousand
I don't ask you to invest 3 thousand
I don't even ask you to consider investing 2.5 thousand


I want to make this the easiest decision possible for you and that’s why I offer this program at the very affordable ONLY €222.22 per month!

I don't think I can make it any easier than this

You see I am on a mission to help as many business owners as possible, and just because I can,  I'm want to make this as affordable as I can for you! I've done this because I don't want money to be something that stands in your way of making this your best year YET in business!

But you must be quick because I can only work privately with a handful of people and when this program is full I will not be opening it again until places become available. Enrollment is only open for one month and it will close as soon as it's full.

So, are you ready to ‘Stop feeling lost and take control? Are you ready to take your business – and life - to the next level? I’m sure the answer is YES! So apply now using the link below!




Enrollment on this program is by application to ensure that we are a good fit for each other. We must first determine if I can help you with your business, and if you would like me as your coach. If what you read here interests you, please fill out the application form by clicking the button above and we can set up a time to chat!


What will NOT investing in this Business Cost YOU?

In the short term, it may appear that there's nothing much to lose by not saying yes to this offer. After all, you're a busy person and you've already got lots of other ideas to implement.

Frankly, if you are starting to see all your hard work and effort finally pay off then you probably DON'T need this programme. But the fact that you've read this far indicates that you probably need help support and guidance to create the results you really want in your business. Or even if you ARE already working towards the results you want, deep down you know that there's room for improvement.

This programme can provide you with everything you need to get you focused and creating consistent productive results NOW

Just 3/6 months from now YOU could be the one reflecting what you have accomplished. Start today.

So register now, remember there are limited places available and once they are gone I won't be opening this again until places become available , so don't kick yourself later for missing out!

I’m excited to help you create the business you deserve

To your continued success,


P.S When you choose to ‘Stop feeling lost and take control!’ you AREN’T just saying Yes to me. You're saying ‘Yes’ to yourself, to the business you know you can have and to the results you know you are capable of creating. I am honored to work with people who can see this potential in themselves.

I could not give this program and enough praise,the time spent with Breda and the help she gave was above and beyond what I ever thought before I started.

The day I had my first call with Breda I felt i just clicked with her,she speaks from the heart and I knew I could really work with her, I didn't feel scared or inadequate because I had a business that wasn't working and no money,and that's how I got to work with Breda as her initial call was free!

Breda is the most helpful person you could meet,she really cared about my business and met me at the very level I was at. She is also warm and funny,we've had some laughs and some tears along the way,but I always came out the other side so grateful for having met her.

I have gained a new confidence about me and my business that I never had. She has broken everything down into baby steps for me,and no matter when I have posted a question about no matter what, Breda has always got back to me and this has even been on weekends.

I felt I was so much more than just another client to Breda,as she made the whole connection with me so personable and I looked forward to her calls every month so much,in fact I dreaded them coming to an end.

She had such a confidence in me and my abilities,and I did things I never had the courage to do.I know i made the best decision for my business to work to work with this lady!

I found the easy steps it gave me to push my business further along most useful, definitely the step by step approach, breaking everything down even monthly income and making it seem so much more achievable,where i didn't feel in anyway overwhelmed.

I feel I have a confidence about my business now that i didn't have before,I feel more in control of my business rather than it controlling me.

The personal development it has made to me has been enormous,I no longer hide behind my business,I have slowly been building my profile at events that I wouldn't have dreamed of doing before,or wouldn't have had the courage or know how.I actually really like my business now and feel comfortable in it.

This program will turn you and your business around and give you so much structure and ideas for moving forward.

If you are thinking about working with Breda Stackpool,don't spend another second thinking.Just do it!

Ann Moran , Fertility and Maternity Therapist


“Before I started this program well let’s say my business was not is a very good place. I needed to get a get a new direction and focus, actually a clearer focus and direction.

The information I received was 100% sufficient. I felt totally supported with the Skype call every month and the forum on Facebook. All my questions were answered.

I now have Clarity on my direction. My business is a lot more stream lined and a new clarity for 2017. I feel a lot more in control because Breda has made my approach to Business a lot more professional. She has helped clarify my goals and given me a clearer direction.

Breda has a big heart will listen to the facts and give you back a plan. She takes no prisoners .Is straight to the point of the Business in hand. Will be firm when needed, but be gentle and understanding as well. And I also feel like I have made a new friend”

Ray Dolan

So, are you ready to ‘Stop feeling lost and take control? Are you ready to take your business – and life - to the next level? I’m sure the answer is YES! So click the link below apply to this program before its gone!