What to do when you have too much to do

So I pride myself on being able to create a plan, stick to a plan and get results every single time! But that does not mean I am Wonder Woman and no matter what everything will get done!

As with everyone there are times when unexpected things pop up and the plan goes out the window, but that does not necessarily mean that all the results have to go out the window too!

In the last few weeks I have moved house and office, taken on 6 new clients, stayed with my friend for a week to help her out with the arrival of her third baby, my sister got engaged and I have been supporting my brother in the startup of his own new venture! Throughout all this I have been quite sick with the flu – which just will not leave me and has got progressively worse over the last few days… Yep I can see why!

So something had to give. I needed to very quickly free up time while not stopping everything I was doing to allow myself some serious rest and recovery time so I can finally shake this flu!

So here are my top tips on What to do when you have too much to do!

Accept that you are overwhelmed.

This can be a stretch for people especially when they live in a constant state of chaos. Its OK to admit that you have too much on! People will actually be relieved to hear you say it because they can see the strain you are putting on yourself even if you don’t want to admit it!


It was during a reflexology session once that a therapist explained to me that I was not breathing correctly. She told me that stress can cause us to breathe only into our chest when really our stomach should raise and fall every time we breathe. As I was holding my friends new born son the other night I noticed that with every breath he took his tummy expanded and released… when did we forget this along the way? Make time to take a few deep breaths to calm the mind and figure out the priorities.


Look at your workload and ask the question – What do I need to mark as 100% Urgent? Figure out what those tasks are and park the rest for at least 7 days to help you deal with everything else going on in your life. Figure out what time in the day will work best to focus on work activities and spend your time on ONLY these urgent tasks. The rest will get done, just not immediately.

Communicate with Clients

Communication is key here. Let you clients know whats going on. At the end of the day we are all human and people will understand. Perhaps ask to reschedule meetings to take the pressure off you a little. Do not book any extra meetings or start working on new contracts during this time… I’m sure it can wait at least 7 days!

Give Yourself a Break

Feeling guilty about not getting the work done, will not get the work done. Give yourself the permission to switch off when you have those few minutes to rest and relax.. you are going through a particularly crazy time.. you need all the rest you can get so give yourself the permission to do so!

What do you find particularly challenging during theses unexpectedly crazy times?I’d love to hear your thoughts.. please leave a comment below!

To your continued success,

P.S. I’m here to help you figure it out if you need some extra support.. just book your complimentary Productivity Breakthrough call HERE and I look forward to helping you figure it all out and get your business moving in the right direction.

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