What Makes People Successful?

I believe that a level of success for one person is completely different from another person’s level of success. With that said everyone needs the same attributes in order to reach the level of success that they want.

So for this topic I am going to summarise some of the qualities that the well know “successful” people in this world display through their work and their results.

This summary comes from listening to many people speak on this subject and I am highlighting the points that pop up time and time again.

So what makes people successful?

1. Personal Responsibility:

The no excuses attitude: Successful people find ways to make things happen. The words “I can’t” are rarely used by successful people and when they are faced with a challenge they will find a way to get the result they desire. There is no time spent on blame being put on anything around them, be that circumstances, people or environment.

2. Do whatever it takes:

Successful people do whatever it takes to create the situations and results they want. They do not accept knock-backs. No is not a word they accept easily and they are masters of dealing with the emotions that are generated from rejection.

3. Have a plan:

(one of my personal favorites of course!) Successful people always have a plan, and more interestingly they follow these plans whether they know it will work or not. The plan is implemented and IF the plan does not work then the plan can be altered and implemented again.

4. Take shortcuts:

Successful people know what they need to do to get to where they want to be, so it is easy to identify how to take shortcuts. One of obvious ones may be outsourcing activities freeing up time for the more important tasks that have to be completed.

5. Make Decisions:

Successful people make decisions quickly and follow them through. The life everyone has today is a result of the decisions made along the way and successful people know that decisions should be made based on the destination not the starting point or circumstance.

6. Treat time as a valuable resource:

Successful people know how to spend their time completing the tasks they should be doing rather than the ones others believe are important.

7.Have a mentor:

All successful people have mentors. They work with and invest in mentors in exchange for their guidance and expertise.

Do you have these traits/qualities?

If you think of someone who has achieved something you have not, then the one difference between them and you is that you have stopped yourself where they have not.

Do not be afraid to put yourself out there.

Where you are is not the destination, it’s simply a stepping stone along the way!

In order to create the success you want, doing nothing is not an option. Start using these qualities today and create the successes you deserve.

To your continued success,

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