For the woman who wants to create a business model that suits her perfectly, show up confidently on social media and get hired at her increased rates!

Let me guess...

You have been struggling to hit your big goals and you find yourself giving up too soon..or telling yourself you still have time!

You are feeling like you are not at the stage to charge the prices you would love to charge!

You want to be fully booked with clients but there is something holding you back
from fully achieving this & you are putting your focus into things that don't always allow you to achieve your goals.

You would absolutely love to have people reaching out to you and tell you.. "that thing you talked about..I'M IN!"

You are ready to have even more ease and flow in your business!


“What an amazing lady Breda Stackpool is!!!!! I am in awe. Move over Tony Robbins, and Oprah Winfrey!!!!!!!”
Victoria Mary Clarke, Media Coach


Maldron Hotel, Newlands Cross May 20th 2022

Limited Places Available
Done and Dusted Paid In Full €277

2 Payments of €152.35



“Let me tell ya people, I was expecting a truck load of business genius ( and I got it) but what I wasn't expecting was to identify and remove a MASSIVE Money block that has held me back for years. Totally negating all the hard work I've been doing. Since the workshop and removing it, I've been offered 2 Corporate training contracts and signed up a new Coaching Client ( and that's in the last 4 days) It's such a fab day and you get to meet all the amazing people you talk to here. So if there is one thing to do for yourself go do this for you and your business X”
Sarah McCandliss


Yep, I get it.

I was there!

I really struggled not only hitting the goals but setting them.
I kept changing my mind on what I wanted and how I wanted it.
Every-thing was feeling hard and I took every single failure and rejection personally.

Something felt so off and instead of sitting down and figuring it out,
I retreated into my old offers, low priced programs and
under priced my 1-1 services.


Something was telling me to up my prices and simplify, but I was so deep in the "drought" of my business I could not justify this!

I have to admit there was a time when I was saying I wanted clients, but if I pulled back the veil and allowed myself to speak the truth - I really didn't.

Because I didn't feel strong enough from a business structure or personal perspective to support them!

Instead I watched other people on social media book out their spots in the DMs.
I longed to be that person too!

“An awe inspiring day with Breda Stackpool who managed to get me back on track with my business. Thank you Breda for your honest and expert advice.”
Grainne Mooney, Virtual Assistant

Here is the truth that I really want you to hear.

In order to get our business back on track, we must get out of it for a while and study the map.

Where are you?
How did you get here?
Whats the fastest route to get you back onto the road to tangible results?

I know if things have not been going so well up until this point then maybe a sat-nav might help, and that is where I come in.

I want to help you not only get back on track, but identify where the wrong turns are so you never take them again. I want to show you the short-cuts. I want to give you a plan that will work and not only get you results but make you money too.

If you are going to make this your best year yet,
a least give yourself a head start and release all the unmade decisions you have been dragging around with you and slowing you down.

I was not prepared to give up.
I knew I could figure this out and instead of trying to “make sales” and “hit targets” I took some time to look at what actually needed to be clarified!

Here is what happened when I gave myself permission to look at who I was becoming and create the changes I needed to support that.


  • I realized that the “big” goals I was previously setting were actually not big enough. I was playing a very small game and expecting big results.
  • I did the work to support the prices I truly wanted to charge and had a client sign up at the new rate within 24 hours of pitching on Instagram stories.
  • I started creating offers from my business that suited me and my needs and goals while also providing full support for my clients!
  • I became less worried about what to say on social media and become more aligned with the message I really wanted people to hear from me resulting in a huge jump in engagement.
  • I started receiving the “I’M IN” DM’s and emails when I talked about my new offers, and I still do!
  • I had my best month ever 3 months in a row and have managed to sustain attracting clients to my higher priced fully aligned offers.
“Such a treat to meet Breda in person. It was a fabulous day, a big help. Thank you so much!”
Teri Morris, Strikingly Website Expert
Ready to start getting some REAL and Measurable results in the coming months?
“A truly inspiring day. So much valuable information shared...Breda Stackpool - Thank you for a day of general awesomeness!”
David Delaney

I am inviting you to  join me at my exclusive event
and I'll show you everything I know
while helping you create the plan you so need for your business to feel even easier.

You will get

  • Clear on who your ideal client really is and we will look at why its so important to make a decision on who this is for your business results. You will learn that by tweaking how you follow through influences how you actually attract in the perfect clients quickly.
  • A cure for  your social media procrastination and lack of engagement. This will help you to feel confident about showing up, and it will help people to gravitate towards you instead of you trying to get their attention. You are going to stand out and be seen and heard online and attract those clients who say "I'M IN".
  • The solution you are looking for on how to overcome any doubts or fears you have in relation to sales. We are going to look at how to place the sale, what you need in order to actually sell your offer & how to ensure the people you want to want your offer, want it too!! You will also receive a lesson in the mindset required for attracting clients into the different offer suites in your business. It is important that you know the energy required behind each of these so you can show up powerfully!
  • The answers you are looking for as to why you are not currently making the money you want. We are going to look at your relationship with money and figure out how this could be the thing blocking the flow of it to you! We will also explore how to be playful around your money goals and remove the actual "need" for it.
  • An opportunity to fully align with your pricing and explore what it would feel like to step into a higher price point. We will fully review your pricing structure and offers to create an offer suite from your business that allows you to finally start earning the income you want while only working with the type of clients you want to work with. You will start feeling so feeling so aligned to your offers that you feel it is your duty to promote them.
  • A chance to identify and truly claim exactly what you do for your clients and give yourself permission to stand in your power in relation to this allowing you to simplify your business, messaging and efforts to attract clients into your world!
  • A clear plan on how to structure your time and how to ensure you put clear supports in place so distractions are not something you have to deal with any longer in order for you to focus and get the results you want for your business.
  • Your easy and do-able social media plan. Done. Dusted and ready to go.
"I decided to attend this training because I became complacent in my current situation and I hoped to gain the motivation to believe in myself again. To put a plan in place to go out there and find my perfect client.

I came away from the day feeling energised, and a belief in myself that whatever challenge I set for myself I can accomplish it with hard work and determination. The information provided exceed my expectations. There were topics covered that I never knew could be an issue in holding you back.

The difference in this course was the safety in the group of being able to open up and show our vulnerability. Breda allowed for this by sharing her own story that in turn we could relate to in our own ways.

I'm now reviewing my business structure, I'm going to go back to my original business plan to remind myself why I set this business up. I'm actually willing to think big now! As scary as it may feel right now, I think I'm ready to push through my fear of actually being successful! I know I have it in me, I just need to set my goals, aim high enough that I will be constantly challenged in what I'm going to do.

If you've come across Breda's course and wondering if you can afford to take a day away from the office to attend, what I would say to you is that you can't afford not to! This course will give you the energy, motivation and want to get back to your business the and start to put into practice the actions needed to be the huge success you deserve to be.

I would highly recommend this training to every single business person. We could all do with a "Breda" on our team. This is the next best thing. "

Vicki McGowan &
So how much will this day cost?

Well I could charge the amount I invested in all my training and the mistakes I made, which would run into the thousands..

But I'm not going to do that.

I want you to be able to access this information but I also don't want money to be the thing that stands in your way, so available to you at the very affordable  Rate of ONLY €277 (payment plan available)

If you could use a little help and support.
If you could get your business  sorted out and back on track.

Then I'm inviting you to join me and the other powerhouse women ready to do the same!




Maldron Hotel, Newlands Cross May 20th 2022

Done and Dusted Paid In Full €277

2 Payments of €152.35



“If you are in business and feel overwhelmed, unsure of direction, at a standstill, not making money, frustrated, being busy but not achieving results then you should consider attending this event. It is a day full of 'facing your reality' then after wards, facing it, it's up to you to make the most of the tools, knowledge and sharing on the day and take the right steps to move your business forward. Breda's gift is in presenting you with the harsh realities of running your own business, sharing her valuable knowledge and tools and holding you accountable. As a past attendee I would say invest in this event.”
Mary Farrelly
Oh.. and you also get these  BONUSES !!!

Access to group coaching group for one month after the event with live q&a and accountability! (value €555)

This is to help you put in place and work through any other questions that come up for you in the weeks after the event!


  • When I started to use this formula, everything started to change for me. In this training you get the EXACT step by step formula for the conversation to have with prospective clients (value €111)













































Maldron Hotel, Newlands Cross May 20th 2022

Limited Places Available
Done and Dusted Paid In Full €277

2 Payments of €152.35



  1. How long is this event?
    Plan to arrive between 9.30am and am. 9.45am for 10am start. Finish by 4pm, but extra time may be required for questions
  2. Will I need to bring anything?
    Just pen and paper and an attitude to figure out exactly what is holding you back in your business.
  3. When will I receive my bonuses (including those in pre-sale)?
    The day after the event, these will be automatically emailed to you.

Questions? email