Three Essential Ingredients for Change

Making changes is an essential part of life. Change is necessary for you to grow and create the results you want. Right now you are sitting in a comfort zone – a comfort zone you created for yourself. Everything you want is sitting outside of your comfort zone because if it wasn't you would already have it!

If you don't make decisions to change the things about your life that you are not happy with then everything stays the same! You want to expand your comfort zone to ensure that you can encapsulate all your goals and dreams.

I have been working in this area for years. Whether working with huge international companies implementing the changes they wanted to introduce to their customers, or working with individuals helping them to implement the changes necessary to have the life and/or business they want.

During this time I have found that there are ONLY three ingredients that anybody needs to make a change – no matter how big or small it is!

  1. A VERY CLEAR end target or goal.

    This might sound so simple and a lot of people nod their heads saying – "Yes of course!", but this is the step that is sometimes rushed and people confuse simply setting a goal with having a VERY CLEAR target or goal. The difference here is something to measure against. Some examples of what you can measure against are:

  • Time: What date is this target due?
  • Result: How will you know you have reached your target? How much money will you have made? What will you have completed? What will you have delivered?
  • Skills: What new skills will you have learned? What new qualifications will you have
  1. An implementable PLAN.

    Again this might sound extremely obvious, but if you fail to consider all elements for your plan, and if you then start to run into challenges you may take the easy option – which is quitting! – And we don't want you to do that! There are two things you need to make a plan – a pen and a blank piece of paper. A step that is, again, skipped by so many people.

    The key word in this step is IMPLEMENTABLE. When you know what your target is and sit down to make your plan, including risks and contingencies, you then have to ensure that this plan fits in with your existing life! Maybe some sacrifices will need to be made or maybe a complete overhall is required. These are all elements that need to be considered, but once you have a fully functional plan then all you have to do is implement or execute it!

  2. FOCUS.

    I come across people all the time that say things like –"I've tried that in the past but it didn't work for me!". That sets off alarm bells for me immediately. "Trying" is simply not "doing". If you want to change something bad enough then you have to focus to ensure that it happens for you! Find a way for you to stay focused on your end target.

    TIP: My tool for this is to create checklists. These checklists are a direct output of my plan. They help me stay on track and keep my eye on the end target.

These are the three essential ingredients necessary to make any changes you want to make, expand your comfort zone and create results you are very proud of. And best of all – you can start using them immediately and add your own favourite ingredients to develop it into a very powerful tool!

What ingredients would you add?

To your continued success,

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