The 3 Main causes of Overwhelm in Business

In my opinion to feel overwhelmed causes you to do one of two things

Stop you in your tracks leaving you with your head bowed and your hands held up in defeat.

Bury you even deeper into the mess you have created for yourself so you have an even steeper hole to drag yourself out of whenever you get the chance to look up.

These reasons alone tell us that it is so important to never let it get this far or to at least know how to notice it’s happening to us. So how do you know you are overwhelmed?

Well very simply, if you constantly say you are too busy but still never seem to get anything done and no project ever seems to get off the ground => You are overwhelmed!

In my experience and from everything I have seen and heard from my clients the 3 main causes of overwhelm in business are:


This is always the number one reason people mention as a problem in their business. But let’s look at this from another perspective for a moment. Most people tell me that they are not making enough money, they don’t have enough clients or sales are down. Believe me I know how painful this can be. I’ve been there too, but if I asked you right now; How much did you bring in this week, this month, this year? Would you be able to tell me – to the exact figure? Maybe you would be able to answer this question, but then if I asked you do you know what your outgoings are, business and personal? If you don’t know the answer to these questions then you need to start tracking your income and outcome immediately. This will help you to get a clearer picture of what your income generating activities are and also where your money is actually going.

TOP TIP: Use a simple excel sheet to complete this task putting in as much information as you can!


If you let Stress consume you then you MUST tackle this problem first. I’ll cover the main causes of stress in a post over the coming weeks, but this is a real and detrimental issue for a business owner especially anyone in service delivery. I have observed that the people who suffer the most from stress are people who have little to no exercise routine.

TOP TIP: Get out into the fresh air for a walk at least 4 times a week for a minimum of 30 mins.

Lack of Time

It’s very easy to spot an overwhelmed person because they will use the statement “If only I had more time” OFTEN! At the end of the day we are all very busy people. We all have business lives and home lives and social lives, but some of us manage it a lot better than others. Why is this? It comes down to a very simple strategy – Prioritisation. Do you know what you want to do, by when and why? Do you work towards it in an organised way or are you always rushing to get it finished at the last second?

TOP TIP: Prioritise 3 goals per week and 3 tasks per day in line with your weekly goals and watch your productivity grow.

To your continued success,

P.S. I’m here to help you figure it out if you need some extra support.. just book your complimentary Productivity Breakthrough call HERE and I look forward to helping you figure it all out and get your business moving in the right direction.

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