Take charge of your day so you can achieve more

Do you look at other people, and admire their focus, effectiveness and drive?

Do you wonder how they seem to be so organized and in control, and how they always seem to do the right thing at the right time in the right way?

Do you feel that you work too hard, but even then still struggle to complete your work?

Did you ever stop to think that you have something in common with people who seem to accomplish so much more than you?
The major thing you have in common with these people is that you have the exact same amount of time in order to complete tasks as you do.

Everyone in this world has 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. That commonality will never change.

The difference between you and these people who you look to and wonder “How do they get so much done? “, is they CHOOSE to utilise their time more effectively.

I know a lot of people who have got to the end of their day and wondered “Where did the time go today?”, and they feel like noting has been accomplished.

Many people experience these same problems.

They feel over-busy, disorganized, stressed and out of control of their lives.

Yet they know there’s a better way – if only they could find it.

I’m going to share a couple of tips with you today to enable you to bring a sense of control and achievement back into your day.

1. Prioritise:

Organise your “to do” list/”action” list/”task” list daily. Spend about 5 minutes every morning planning what you must get done that day. A good tip that I use is to pick the top 3 things that have to be completed that day. Only 3! These are your priority tasks, the ones that must be completed. The other important but less priority tasks get listed on the “Things I need to do today” list.

2. Use the word No:

This tip allows you to hold yourself accountable. We can all get distracted by the lure of a quick chat, a quick cuppa, a quick glance at facebook, a quick surf online, etc. But you must learn how to say NO to yourself. You could switch the way you do things and allow yourself to do one of these things for a set amount of time after a task has been completed.

3. Plan time for your tasks:

We are all guilty of it, spending loads of time on a task that should take us x amount of time to complete. A great tip to get around this is to set your-self a time limit to complete a task. Please estimate the time needed correctly and then GO! You could even use a stop clock to time yourself. It’s amazing how much you will accomplish under a time constraint! And if at the end of the time the task has not been completed, that’s fine. Reset the clock and let the race begin again. Ensure you complete the priority tasks first and then if there is time left over start on the next list.

4. Deal with new tasks/distractions effectively:

I see distractions in 2 ways:

– Tasks that pop up during the day: This is simply a fact of life. Other tasks will pop up on a daily basis, but instead of jumping straight on it, why not write it on your “Things I need to do today” list and assess its priority level. It may or may not need to be bumped up to the priority list.

– Tasks that pop into your head: These are the little things like “ Oh I must tell him this”, or “ I must forward that onto her”, or “I must look up a restaurant for this weekend”, you know the things I mean. Another great tip of how to deal with these distractions is to write them down as they pop up. This way you will not forget to do them, but they will be out of your head safe in the knowledge that you will complete them later in the day.

5. Give yourself credit:

Personally I find great satisfaction on crossing off each task as it is completed. This gives me a great sense of achievement. I am also a big fan of spreadsheets for measuring progress. Whatever way you choose to mark completion of the task, ensure you take a moment to look at the result and feel the satisfaction of the result.

Do you have a time management plan? Are you the person who gets to the end of the day and wonders where did the time go?

Are you now ready to make a change and become unstoppable!

To your continued success,

P.S. I’m here to help you figure it out if you need some extra support.. just book your complimentary Productivity Breakthrough call HERE and I look forward to helping you figure it all out and get your business moving in the right direction.

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