• You feel like the last 12 months did not go the way you thought they would, but the work it took to get here is not what you want long term!
  • You want things to be EASY AND TO FLOW.
  • You DESIRE the next 12 months to be your best ever in business revenue.
  • You are SO READY to create a business model that feels so spacious and do-able!


I get that.
I am someone who has always had big goals and sometimes I hit them and sometimes I don't.

Here is what I now know to be true.

The ones I didn't or couldn't hit...it was because I OVER COMPLICATED IT.

For me the last 12 months have been OK.
There were moments when I struggled, but it was ALWAYS because I forgot to lean into my "SIMPLIFY YOUR SUCCESS" plan.

I suppose the .. "It can't be this easy demons" raised their heads once or twice!!

But I kept coming back to the same thing .. I WANT THIS TO BE EASIER! I KNOW IT DOES NOT HAVE TO FEEL THIS HARD!

I am now a Mother and I don't have as much time as before so changes were needed.

My HUGE DESIRE was to make more but feel like my business gave me the space to live my life too!

Let's face it my little boy is not going anywhere!!

Isn't it time that you created the SIMPLEST business model so you can hit your goals EASILY and have so much space to support your life?

I am all about generating fast, effective results and creating a clear and simple plan that will work for you and your business.

When I allowed myself to fully and completely lean into this SIMPLIFY YOUR SUCCESS plan - I had my best month ever in my business 3 MONTHS IN A ROW!

All while,
My son got sick.
My husband ended up in hospital multiple times with multiple broken bones (martial-arts training!)
I got sick - twice!
My son started school and his sleep schedule changed (If you are a mum too, you will get this!)

As soon as I gave in and allowed things to be as easy as I planned them to be

  • My social media became SO SO easy and I was NEVER stuck for content.
  • I was able to get everything done in a few hours per week .. and truthfully that was all I had.
  • My income started increasing significantly .. I'm talking by 1000's per month!
  • I got more "I'M IN" messages than EVER before.
  • The majority of my sales were paid in full (even though I offered payment plans!)
  • People started securing their place to work with me MONTHS IN ADVANCE!
  • I had DM's and emails come in telling me that they wanted to work with me and couldn't wait to do that!
  • I raised my rates to a 5 figure investment (you could be doing this too in the next 12 months)
I want to share exactly how I did it and how I am planning next year for even bigger results in this LIVE PLANNING SESSION!
This is what you get!
  • This is recorded group training and you have lifetime access to the replay.
  • Support available after the training in the members group for all questions to ensure you are ready for your best year yet!
  • How to breakdown your 12 month money goal: You are going to map out when and what you will sell. This is so simple and easy to follow that you will use it for years to come!
  • Crystal clarity on the types of clients you want: You will understand how to make simple tweaks in your soulmate client definition and content so you can start calling them in.
  • Rinse and Repeat strategy on filling the spots with ease: You will never again feel like you don't know what to do in relation to attracting clients through your content. 
  • Simple Sales tracking and pricing template : This template will help you understand how your pricing affects your bottom line for the year, how many offers and spots you need to sell and what modifications are necessary in order to find an easier way to hit your income goal! It will also show you at a glance where the majority of your income comes from!
  • Aligned social media strategy: During the training you are going to map out the social media strategy you will use for the ENTIRE year..and probably years to come. You will never again feel like you have to force or plan out content and it will attract the most perfect I'M IN clients!
  • Mindset hacks to stay focused on achieving your goals: All these tweaks mean you will become a different, more focused, more productive, more profitable business owner. You will learn the mindset hacks you will need to align with her!
"Thank you Breda as always helping me grow and become the woman I know I am inside."
I needed Clarity, focus, a plan of action.

Breda asked the right questions my mind started to untangle, I was able to make decisions on what I wanted and didn't want. I got so much clarity and peace of mind because I knew what I was doing. Breda always seems to know exactly how much you need and how much you can handle even better than you know yourself.

I was able to get everything out of my head, sort myself out and get of plan of action in place by asking the right questions, and keeping me focused on one thing at a time.

I have worked with Breda Stackpool for 3 and a half years and I can honestly say Breda has an ability to see things in you that you can't see in yourself, she always asks the right questions, she helps you find your strengths and how to use them to your advantage.

Breda is so honest, supportive and invested in you doing well, you can see her passion for her clients in everything she does.

I have grown so much in the last 3 and half years and I know I will continue to grow working with Breda.

Breda thank you, I wouldn't have the business I have today if it wasn't for your support over the last few years.

I fully believe we all need a Breda, someone who can see in us what we can't see in ourselves, someone who can help you gain clarity, focus and directions, Breda will help you get the results you want in your business if you listen to her and do what she guides you to do.

Caroline Caffery :: From Vision to Reality
What you need to know
  • This is a recorded group training.
  • Lifetime support available after the training in the members group
  • You have lifetime access to the replay.

Here is what I want you celebrating as a result of this planning session:
  • Raised Prices: When we create your simplified plan you will see how you charge differently ESPECIALLY for your 1:1 services. You will align differently with your rates and feel empowered to make some changes, even if they are small steps!
  • Excitement: You are going to discover just how EASY it will be to create your highest income year yet. You will not believe how you set things up to allow a regular flow of income to you without taking more of your time!
  • A mind blowing social media plan: Let us put a marketing plan together for you that fits in seamlessly with your life and enables client attracting content to pour out of you!
  • A new mindset and belief in your abilities: You are going to rid yourself of all doubt that your clients cannot afford you and instead move into certainty that they are seeking you out to pay you right now!
  • A Clear and Concise Business Plan : that will feel so friggin easy and do-able that you will barely be off the training before getting started!
  • A possible 100k/yr plan: Yes with what you already have - there is a possibility you are already sitting on your first 100k and beyond Year - we just need to arrange it so you can see it!



I'm Breda Stackpool,  and I work with online service providers helping them to get really clear on what they sell, who they sell it to and how to sell what they have to offer.

I help my clients generate fast and measurable results in their Business so they can create a structure that supports both them and their life-style.

SIMPLIFY YOUR SUCCESS is how you can find the answers you need and get it all into place quickly with me by your side!
  • fine tuning your offers
  • attracting more clients
  • making more sales
  • taking more time off
  • getting systems and structures into place to automate parts of your business

I look forward to showing you how to create this in your business.
Breda x

Isn't it time you get your business in order so it starts paying you back for all the hard work you have put in up until this point in time?

We all need a little helping hand some-times.. let me help you make your business the success I know it can be.