I'm Breda Stackpool, The 90 Day Productivity and Performance Coach for Service delivery business owners, coaches, trainers, consultants, and solo-professionals. I believe everyone can have the BuBreda_001bsiness and/or Lifestyle they want through effective planning, time management and follow through.

First step you need to know what your business structure looks like and what you’ve got RIGHT NOW that you can use to generate business!

I wanted to run this training because I see so many people struggle to make the income they desire month after month.

I know what this feels like because when I relaunched my coaching business a year ago I needed to hit a certain monthly income every month.. and I also needed to be 100% sure I was going to do it.

During these 5 days I am going to show you exactly what I did to make sure I never fell short and how I use this method today to increase my monthly income consistently each month.. sometimes doubling it.

But remember.. nothing changes if you do not put the work in. Make sure to listen to the training and complete the exercises each day. If you feel like you don't want to do it, then you will have to find a way to push through these fears and blocks, or you will stay stuck and not get the results you desire.

I'll be keeping the content short and sweet and ask you to complete some easy and quick tasks each day.. I know you are busy so I promise not to take up a lot of your time!

To your continued success,
Breda x

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Day 1: Moving from hourly rate to set price, what you need to know!


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