A Day Out Ticket


 For the woman who wants to create a business model that suits her perfectly, show up confidently on social media and get hired at her increased rates!

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I am inviting you to  join me at my exclusive event
and I’ll show you everything I know
while helping you create the plan you so need for your business to feel even easier.


Clear on who your ideal client really is and we will look at why its so important to make a decision on who this is for your business results. You will learn that by tweaking how you follow through influences how you actually attract in the perfect clients quickly.
A cure for  your social media procrastination and lack of engagement. This will help you to feel confident about showing up, and it will help people to gravitate towards you instead of you trying to get their attention. You are going to stand out and be seen and heard online and attract those clients who say “I’M IN”.
The solution you are looking for on how to overcome any doubts or fears you have in relation to sales. We are going to look at how to place the sale, what you need in order to actually sell your offer & how to ensure the people you want to want your offer, want it too!! You will also receive a lesson in the mindset required for attracting clients into the different offer suites in your business. It is important that you know the energy required behind each of these so you can show up powerfully!
The answers you are looking for as to why you are not currently making the money you want. We are going to look at your relationship with money and figure out how this could be the thing blocking the flow of it to you! We will also explore how to be playful around your money goals and remove the actual “need” for it.
An opportunity to fully align with your pricing and explore what it would feel like to step into a higher price point. We will fully review your pricing structure and offers to create an offer suite from your business that allows you to finally start earning the income you want while only working with the type of clients you want to work with. You will start feeling so feeling so aligned to your offers that you feel it is your duty to promote them.
A chance to identify and truly claim exactly what you do for your clients and give yourself permission to stand in your power in relation to this allowing you to simplify your business, messaging and efforts to attract clients into your world!
A clear plan on how to structure your time and how to ensure you put clear supports in place so distractions are not something you have to deal with any longer in order for you to focus and get the results you want for your business.
Your easy and do-able social media plan. Done. Dusted and ready to go.

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