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  • Do you want to dramatically improve the results your business produces on Facebook, but you need the answers to your questions NOW?
  • Do you need some help figuring out how to make your posts stand out and get noticed on Facebook?
  • Do you want to start gaining clients and making sales simply from the posts you put up on Facebook?
  • Are you sick of spending all these hours on Facebook and have no concrete results to show for it?
  • Would you like someone by your side helping you to generate a plan, a strategy and even more importantly helping you to write those posts that get you likes, comments and shares?

If you are answering Yes to these then keep reading because I have just the thing to help you go from invisible to visible on Facebook IN LESS THAN A WEEK

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Just think how it would feel to get those notifications numbers up, to open your facebook page and have enquiries in your inbox, to have people who are not related to you share your posts and comment on your page!

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What would you say if I could help you to dramatically improve your Facebook business results with in a few days and you did not even need to leave your office?

I am all about generating fast, effective results and creating a clear and simple plan that will work for you and your business.

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But why should you listen to me?

Well, I used to be the person that experienced nothing but tumbleweeds across my Facebook page. I didn't know how to use it as a tool for my business, I NEVER got any interaction on my page and I had very little business coming in.

So I took a good hard look at what I was doing, and what I was actually posting on my page and I realised something - If I found me, I wouldn't buy from me.


Because I was bloody boring.

I would post and disappear, I would throw things up just for the sake of posting something that day, I was trying to sell all the time and could not figure out why it was not working.

The other thing I started to realise was that I had no idea how to use Facebook as a business tool. Really all I was doing was waiting for that "ping" to tell me that anyone, apart from my Mam or my sister, had liked my post, or that my prayers had been answered and someone, anyone was actually enquiring about my services!

Something had to change

So I stopped and decided to start changing everything I was doing. It didn't take long to start getting some results and now 99% of my business comes from Facebook.

And I am ready to help you start taking the steps you need towards these type of results!

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TOGETHER we will solve problems such as

  • How to get yourself out-there and attract customers.
  • How to create posts that actually generate interest and get people talking about you.
  • How to set up a Facebook page that invites people in instead of repelling them.
  • How to sell on Facebook with annoying people or being too "salesy"
  • How to get your Facebook Page to work for you once and for all.
  • How set up strategies that work for you.
  • How to stop losing sales.
  • How to sell, what to sell and who to sell to.
  • ...And many more
What You Get
  • Lifetime access to my home study guide "Using Facebook to Find and Get you Clients" : This training takes you by the hand and walks you through everything you need to know from how to develop a strategy to the science behind writing posts and why its so important to have certian elements in your posts for them to work!
  • Lifetime Access to the Q&A support Group "Master Your Facebook Presence" : This is where you will have access to me for any questions Facebook business related. No questions are off limits and I will even help you to construct posts to help you get the best reactions!
  • Facebook Business Page Evaluation: I want you to start making the changes you need to make immediately. You will be invited to submit a business evaluation and as soon as I receive this I will complete an evaluation of your page with suggestions on how to make immediate improvements.
  • 2 x 30 minute "Master Your Facebook Presence" Calls: During these calls we will further develop your Facebook strategy, exploring ideas and helping you to use facebook in the best possible way to gain a following and make sales!
  • Extra FB live training's as required in private support group! : As Facebook is an ever evolving platform, I will add extra Facebook Live trainings within the group when you need them!

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So what’s the cost of this exciting program? The combined value of all the components of this program comes to more than €3,000 – but even THAT figure does not reflect the TRUE VALUE being offered here because the tools and resources I have to offer will get you to where you want to go faster than you can believe! AND remember you get lifetime access to both the training and the Private Facebook support group!

What would it mean for you to really increase your Business presence on Facebook and to solve all those problems currently sucking your focus, time and energy right now?

Can you imagine what it would feel like to get these problems handled?  What would it feel like to be organised, to be in control of your Facebook business, to start getting noticed, to feel like you are progressing?

I can only work with a handful of people at a time because I am dedicated to getting you where you need to go and I want to ensure that I have the full amount of time and energy available to support you during out time together.

With that said, there are a limited amount of spots about to become available on this program and I want you to have one of them.

I want to make this the easiest decision possible for you and that’s why I offer this program at the very affordable €197 – you can also split this into 2 payments!

I've done this because I don't want money to be something that stands in your way of making 2016 your best year yet in business.

But you must be quick because I can only work privately with a handful of people and when this program is full, it's full.

So, are you ready to ‘Master Your Facebook Presence? Are you ready to take your business to the next level? I’m sure the answer is YES! So click the link below and grab your access to this program before its gone!

Once off Payment of €197
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2 Monthly Payments of €120
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Remember there are ONLY 10 spots available so don't kick yourself later for missing out! Isn't it time you get your business in order so it starts paying you back for all the hard work you have put in up until this point in time? We all need a little helping hand some-times.. let me help you make your business the success I know it can be.

“Since working with Breda I have a clearer understanding of how to use Facebook. I've developed a strategy, I now understand how to use FB groups for business, I've a clearer message and my engagement & reach have increased. I'm no longer wondering what to post & when....I've a proper plan and it's getting me results!”
Debbie O'Connor Moriarty &