How to make your clients love you

Let’s face it.
You would not have a business without your clients OR if you don’t currently have clients without the ability to take on clients.

Everyday I am grateful for the clients who choose to work with me. There are lots of other coaches out there and I never take for granted the fact that they chose me, and trusted me with their hard earned cash to help them get the results they tell me they want.

A lot of my clients work with me because they want to increase their income or create a “fully booked diary” as they say. They are also usually at the point in their business where “If this doesn’t work, then I have to seriously think about getting a J.O.B”.

I know how that feels as I went through this myself a few years ago. Definitely the key to having a successful business is having clients, but you must also have the ability to take on clients and look after them while they are in your care.

I have found that with the following structures in place, it’s
1. Easier to take on clients
2. More likely that your clients will LOVE working with you.

Clear Communication

In order to gain clients they must know exactly why they would hire you in the first place. Don’t take it for granted that people know what you do. In the majority of cases they don’t. Lets take for example your service list on your webpage. Clients often come to me and tell me no-one ever buys from their webpage and when I look at it, it is usually the title of the service they provide with a buy now button beside it. Be honest here, Is this enough information for some-one to pull out their payment card and book you if they had never met you? The other problem here is that the service list is usually long and really confuses the buyer as to what you do. It does not matter if your service is €50 or €5,000, it is your job to ensure that your potential client has all the information they need to make an informed decision on whether they want to work with you or not.

A Desired Result made Available

This is important.. in order for someone to be able to hire you they must know that you have the answer to the problem they are presenting to you for help with. This could be as easy as changing your title. I will use myself as an example here. I used to call myself a “Business Coach” , but every-time I said it, I found that people were making up their mind about what I did based on their thoughts of what a Business Coach did. So I thought about what I really do for my clients and my new title “The 90 day Coach” was born. This intrigues people as there is a result there, one they might be interested in and now people ask me how do I do that, instead of making up their own minds about what I do.

An Easy path to follow

If you want clients, then you must have somewhere to put them. e.g. if you have a car.. there must be a parking space available to you to place it in if you want to get out. So if you think of it this way – your clients are in the car, and they want to work with you, but in order to do so they must first park the car and get out. So in which service offering do they park in? And when they get there, is there a clear set of guidelines to get them to then next step, or are they left out there wondering what to do next, feeling a little lost and confused? A clear step by step instruction as to how this service will be delivered helps your clients to feel supported and trust you. It also tells them what they can expect to happen as a result of working with you.

Boundaries in place

Have you ever had a client that contacted you at all hours of the day and night? I know this only had to happen once for me to put some clear boundaries in place between me and my clients. It’s not because I don’t want to make myself available to help them, its because I know that if I do not look after my own energy levels that I will not be able to help them as much as I do. The other benefit of this is that you don’t end up resenting you clients because you are able to schedule some down time and have your own life safe in the knowledge that the needs of your clients have been taken care of.

The next step made available if they want to work with you further.

When your clients have worked with you and have loved the results produced, they often want to continue to work with you. So what do you have in place to allow this to happen? If you can help them reach the next desired result, then have you a service to offer to help make this available to them?

So do you need to make some changes to your business to allow your clients to love you?

To your continued success,

P.S. I’m here to help you figure it out if you need some extra support.. just book your complimentary Productivity Breakthrough call HERE and I look forward to helping you figure it all out and get your business moving in the right direction.

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