Find The Hidden Money In Your Business 1 day Intensive


Or do you spend everyday diving right into it without a very CLEAR plan of exactly where it will end up.. eventually!

Do you know...

- Your income target for the next 12 months?
- How much you need to make each month to hit that target?
- How far off that target you are right now?


How will you hit this target EASILY!!

Had a one to one full day with Breda a few weeks ago and already I can say WOW, what a change my business has had.

I used to spend hours replying to quotations (literally hours) and only converting a very small amount into orders.

In the last two weeks since making the changes, I have managed to weed out the time wasters and get customers who are genuine and want to pay for the service I provide. I used to get 1 order in every 5 quotations. Now I am getting 3 in 5.

When meeting with Breda I was so nervous, but she put me right at ease and I love love love the fact she is straight to the point so there are no grey areas of misunderstanding. she makes you think outside the box and gives you the tools to understand how to improve the areas of business which need tweaking. Breda gave me advice on every aspect of my business that I was not totally happy with and helped me understand why these things were happening and how to change them.

Breda, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the confidence to reach further and to achieve more in my business. You really are a Gem and fab at what you do. The way you help people realise their full potential is amazing.

Thanks again

Natasha Doyle
A big goal of mine is to help women stand on their own two independent financial feet.

So I want to spend a day with you.
I want us to chat.
I want us to drink coffee together.
I want us to eat lunch together.



I had a day like this with a client and we uncovered a 400K / year business model.. It was just sitting there waiting to be uncovered and she has already started putting the plan in motion!

We will

  • Help you stop working in a way that leaves you over worked and underpaid by examining your current income steams and figuring out the systems and structures you are missing to make it really easy to actually make money!
  • Delve deep into your business model right now and figure out where the pain points are and how to solve them
  • Uncover why you might actually be unconsciously sabotaging yourself in relation to accumulating money
  • Reduce your fears around pricing and selling so that you can fall in love with your client attraction strategies!
  • Develop a plan that will support your sales and marketing targets for the next 12 months

“I highly recommend this day to everyone! it is very relaxed and fun and friendly but at the same time you are focusing in on what needs to change, what is working well, and what you can do about it.

Breda is so patient and just guides you all the way through, pushing when it's needed, explaining clearly, and asking all the right questions. It is a very safe place and I always feel I can totally open up and feel fully supported.

Breda, is always showing the positives to take from situations and gives actual skills to help in day to day business and personal life. It really is so beneficial and I intend to do it every year. My business has gone from being like a little hobby on the side to supporting my family and allowing my husband to quit his job! That's a dream come true for me and now I'm ready to create more dreams with Breda's help and guidance

Sarah Knapp
Yes Breda, I'm ready!


So Let's take a look at what you actually get
  • 1 full day intensive to work on you and your business (10am to 4pm)
  • A 1 year action plan for your business
  • One months email support.
  • Check in call 1 month after this 1 day intensive
  • OR if held on SKYPE- this can be split into 2/3 calls to make it more comfortable and manageable for you.
Where and When
  • Tuesdays -to Fridays have been made available to book this day (first come first serve)
  • This full day intensive will take place in or within one hour of Dublin - I can travel to your place of work if it is within this area OR via SKYPE
Looking Forward to working with you!
Yes Breda, I'm ready!

 Investment €1,500