Welcome to "From Lost to In Control"

It's your time to build a business you are proud of! This page contains all the information you will require to complete this program and to move you from being lost to in control!

Here are the steps you need to take
Join the Members Only Facebook Group
  • Get access to me for questions everyday
  • Meet the other members of the program
  • Get that extra support on those "Bad Days"
  • Get feedback on your graphics, sales posts, programs, press releases etc. Nothing is off limits!



As this is a private group, when you request to join the status will change to pending and you will be notified when you are added to the group. Make sure to pop in and introduce yourself, tell us about your business and what you would like to achieve over the next 9 months.


Complete Your Business Evaluation in Preparation for Our First Call

So the first thing we need to do if figure out exactly where you are in your business. Please take some time answer these questions and be completely honest so we can get a full picture of what is going on for you right now. Grab a cuppa and click on the button below to get access to the questions.

Simply hit the button "Send to Breda" at the end of the evaluation when finished and it will be sent directly to me.

NOTE: This step must be completed before you schedule your first call with me!

get access

Questions? Come post them in the facebook group.


Schedule All 8 of Your Calls Now

Please schedule all 8 of your calls NOW so we can start organising our schedules. This program allows you one call per month. The first call is your Business Evaluation so please be prepared for this call to last up to 2 hours. The other 7 calls will be 45 mins in length. Try to schedule the calls around the same date each month.

So grab your diary and book all 8 calls now using the links below.


CALL NUMBER 8 is your BONUS EMERGENCY CALL that you can use at any time during this program OR up to 3 months after it ends..must be used by September 30th 2019 or it will be considered forfeited


  • Choose your timezone in the top right hand corner of the calendar page before selecting a date, even if it looks like your one is listed, select it anyway because it will sync with the timezone your computer is set to, which is not always the same!
  • If you cannot find a day or time to suit you, please send an email to info@prioritiseyoursuccess.com and we will find an alternative for you.
  • EACH CALL MUST BE BOOKED SEPARATELY. You cannot choose multiple dates and book all at once. You will have to complete this task 8 times.

***Your Call is NOT BOOKED until you receive the message SCHEDULED as part of your booking process. You will also receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this email, your call is not confirmed***

First callSecond call fourth call



Cancelling or Rescheduling your calls:

  • Please keep all of your confirmation emails in a safe place.
  • Each email contains a link stating "Cancel or Reschedule this appointment"
  • Click on this link and choose the date and time you prefer to reschedule to.
  • Ensure to keep your NEW confirmation email safe.NOTE - this is also possible from your reminder email, which you will receive 24hrs before our call together.

Questions? Come post them in the facebook group.


Hit "Get Instant Access" Below and create your own private password to get access to the following Training - Grab your coupon code below to bypass the payment section

NOTE: The training is stored in an external platform to prevent sharing.

To gain access you must set up your own account:
1. Click on the Instant Access Button, below.
2. Click on the "Buy " button.
3. Set up your account details or log in if you already have an account - Remember these details, you will need them to log back in.
4. On the payment screen, click on "Have a coupon?" - It is under the "Total Price".
5. Use the coupon code " flticclient " to bypass the payment section and reduce amount to be paid to €0
6. Complete purchase.
7. Log-in to get access to all your training material.

Questions? Come post them in the facebook group.


Prepare For Your Accountability Forms

I want to make sure that you are staying on track! You can do this by submitting your accountability form to me each week we do not have a meeting together. This will help you remember what you have committed to doing and review your progress, insights and challenges!

TOP TIP: Decide what day each week you will submit your accountability form and put a note in your diary to remind you to do so each week. Make sure you submit it before 5pm on Thursday evening and I will respond via personal email every Friday.

Questions? Come post them in the facebook group.