I'm Breda Stackpool, Productivity and Performance Coach for Service delivery business owners, coaches, trainers, consultants, and solo-professionals. I believe everyone can have the Business and/or Lifestyle they want through effective planning, time management and follow through.

First step you need to know what your business structure looks like and what you’ve got RIGHT NOW that you can use to generate business!

I wanted to make sure you had this information to hand because I know what it is like to attend a conference and to leave excited only to return to real life and suddenly you can't remember where you left your notes and all the great ideas you had.

I know that there are some small changes that you can make right now to make big changes in your business!

To your continued success,
Breda x

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Download to your Tips and Quick Action Task List Here



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I would love if I could give you a quick bonus training to help you with mindset but the truth is that it is a process that needs to be followed daily to ensure you get optimum results.

I have been using my own mindset practice for the past 4 years and I decided to start teaching it a couple of years ago and it has fast grown into my most popular course with people contacting me almost weekly telling me about the results they continue to get from using it.

So my gift to you is a voucher to get this course at 50% off.
Simply enter the voucher code "fewn2019" at checkout in the coupon and your discount will automatically be applied.

This is what you will get!

✔ Journal activities broken down into 5 easy to follow steps.

✔ The exact steps you need to take before you even start your journal activity and why it is important to do this.

✔ The journal format you should follow to get the biggest and best results.

✔ The exact questions you should use for your writing in order to ensure that you remove and eliminate the most common blocks small business owners face.

✔ How to turn your journal activities into content that not only gains you a following but gets you clients FAST!

✔ What 2 activities to complete alongside journal work to ensure you are on the right path EVERYDAY!

 Access to a members only facebook group to get all the support you need as you complete this training

I get asked about Journaling and how I do it literally on a daily basis.

This ritual has taken me about 2 years to master and I completely attribute all I have achieved to this daily habit.

THIS IS THE EXACT PROCESS I will teach you in this 5 day step by step training..