You want to find an easier way

An easier way to run your business

An easier way to achieve your goals

An easier way to show up and be you and share your message online

It can seem a dream right now, but you can have it sooner than you think

I used to have a business

that had clients, some I loved working with, some I did not.

that made money, but never as much as my goals stated

that I spent HOURS working on

that had goals and targets that I would hit one month and then be too exhausted to repeat the result

that felt like I had to be CONSTANTLY available to it, clients, and the creation of income.

Why did I not have what I knew was possible for me??

I now know why..
Because I had over complicated things for myself.

I had made these decisions based on what I believed "work" should look like.

I was so lost in the sea of the "I should's" that I could not see what was truly possible for me.

I should work 40 hrs per week, and do everything else required of me!
I should be constantly available if a client wants me.
I should keep my prices lower so that "people" can afford me
I should only take limited holidays, but I better keep my email on just in case.
I should take a long time preparing social media posts and emails.
I should offer loads of my time for free -so people can get a "feel" for me.

Any of this sound familiar?
In doing all of this I had made everything so hard for myself..and when things are hard, we can get tired, start feeling like it is never going to come together for us and we can experience highs and lows in our business regularly.

One day, I decided to change EVERYTHING.
Working less hours was top of my list and I started on the journey of creating the easiest business model that fit into this time, while allowing me the space to achieve if not exceed my goals!

I now run my business when it suits me, working with a lot less completely aligned clients, working less hours for more money and living and much more balanced life!

Let me ask you something.

Do you run your business in a fully aligned easy way,
OR does it feel harder than it should??

There's a good chance that you have been working towards a business that suits you completely, but you have not yet allowed yourself to fully step into your power and make the truly aligned decisions you want to make.

You want to help and connect with the people who YOU KNOW WILL BENEFIT from your products and services.

You also want
to decrease the time "working" and create more time for you.
increase your prices.
to start having bigger pay days, months, years and have this become your norm.
and allow yourself to want what you want without having to justify it to ANYONE!

And while things are going OK for you, things are still not quite where you want them to be.

Your business can still feel "hard".
It can stress you out.

So we retract into the safety net of what we do know.

Maybe we go back to an old way of doing things.
Maybe we change our minds on the price increase.
Maybe we stay in the safety net of our lower priced offerings.
Maybe we create more work for ourselves by allowing clients to work with us in ways we ultimately don't want.

Can you take a second to think about how you truly WANT TO FEEL about your business and life?


  • to make things so much easier for yourself
  • to commit to the changes you want to make and never backtrack.
  • to feel excited about every single client that says YES to working with you on your terms!
  • to hold space for your own clients expansion and results, without them being dependent on you!
  • to put your focus into a handful of areas in your business that will give you dramatic up-leveled results
  • to serve and be of value to others
  • more for yourself, your business, your family, your life and your clients.

I can relate on such a deep level with you because I have been there.

It's about finding the easier way.
Taking control of your business from the perspective of
" what is the easiest route to achieving my goals?"
and moving forward faster than you have ever done before!

Working with people in a way that truly excites you to your core and having such a deep connection with them that they get amazing results from working with you.

When I started making decisions based on what I truly wanted .. I set things up so I could allow it to come to me in the easiest way possible.

  • I have cut my working week to only maximum 4 hours per day, 4/5 days per week.. most weeks.. often its less than this, and A LOT of this time goes to inner work.
  • I attract the most amazing perfect clients to work with me who are getting results way beyond what the believed was possible for them before we started!
  • I've generated an income allowing me to be financially stable EVERY SINGLE MONTH since October 2015 even while, changing my business, raising my prices, getting married, getting pregnant, spending months in hospital because of pregnancy complications, becoming a Mum and through a global pandemic!
  • My mindset and energy alignment work has become the no.1 priority in my business and tuning in with this has allowed me to create flow, ease and trust in a way I wish I had let myself do sooner!
  • I only speak with clients FOUR mornings A MONTH .. and that is me fully booked!
  • I have worked from all over the world supporting my business and clients as I traveled!
  • I get to spend as much time as I want with my growing baby, and support my own recovery, safe in the knowledge that my income will not suffer.
  • I've upgraded my surroundings and support to allow my energy to expand and receive more, including manifesting my amazing home!
  • I take multiple months per year off, while still generating recurring revenue

"Thank you Breda as always helping me grow and become the woman I know I am inside."
I needed Clarity, focus, a plan of action.

Breda asked the right questions my mind started to untangle, I was able to make decisions on what I wanted and didn't want. I got so much clarity and peace of mind because I knew what I was doing. Breda always seems to know exactly how much you need and how much you can handle even better than you know yourself.

I was able to get everything out of my head, sort myself out and get of plan of action in place by asking the right questions, and keeping me focused on one thing at a time.

I have worked with Breda Stackpool for 3 and a half years and I can honestly say Breda has an ability to see things in you that you can't see in yourself, she always asks the right questions, she helps you find your strengths and how to use them to your advantage.

Breda is so honest, supportive and invested in you doing well, you can see her passion for her clients in everything she does.

I have grown so much in the last 3 and half years and I know I will continue to grow working with Breda.

Breda thank you, I wouldn't have the business I have today if it wasn't for your support over the last few years.

I fully believe we all need a Breda, someone who can see in us what we can't see in ourselves, someone who can help you gain clarity, focus and directions, Breda will help you get the results you want in your business if you listen to her and do what she guides you to do.

Caroline Caffery :: From Vision to Reality

I know you want to create this type of ease for yourself too.

It's what you have been working towards and it's coming together for you but it's not quite how you want it to be yet. It's like you can almost touch it.

Like you are standing on the sidelines and you can watch the life and business you want play out in front of you but you won't allow yourself to step into it.

You feel like you have to do something before you can have it.

Create the structure, the program, the money.
Get the support team.
Have the social media audience.

Yep, I made this mistake too!

But here is the big secret that you need to know.. The minute you allow yourself to step into it, you can have it.

And everything you thought you had to create or do to allow yourself to have it, is already in there!!!

Things become so much easier when we switch ourselves from "doing" mode to "receiving" mode.

I had to take control of what I was CHOOSING to focus on and what I was ALLOWING into my life.

YES - right now you have everything in your business and life because you have allowed it to be there and you are staying open to attracting it in!

Karen said "My business has 4 figure clients and a potential 6 figure year!"
“I love working with Breda. My business has gone from being an expensive hobby to having 4 figure clients and the potential for a 6 figure business.

Her focus isn't just your business, but also your mindset because that is where you will win the battle to be better”

Karen Brown
For you, It's about CONNECTION to the expansion that you KNOW you are capable of!

You want to connect and step into the next version of you.
You want to connect on an energetic level to all you want and let it flow to you.
You want to make things easier for yourself.
You want to create deep lasting change in your clients and help them step up.

Surrounding yourself with the right energy is the key

I have always ensured that I am surrounded by people who inspire me, who support me, who guide me, lift me up and give me a gentle kick up the b-side when it was required!!

I want you to know I've been there. I know what it's like to feel like its not quite coming together for you,  working so hard but not seeing the results you ultimately want, attracting the wrong clients or possibly no clients at all

And I want you to know when you move into a place of trust and EXPANSION , things can start happening so much quicker and easier for you!

"Breda is a powerhouse, an inspiration and really helps you see things that you can't or don't want to see which help you move forward."

My business is going from strength to strength in the direction I want it too. If i hadn't engaged with Breda at that time I would probably have given up.

I highly recommend Breda. She has been there, done that, moved on, re-built and is so knowledgeable. She gets to the crux of the problem quickly and helps you navigate your muddy waters. She provides guidance, support, challenge, sound advice and by working with Breda you create habits which really help to set you and your business up for success at the time and into the future.

I have worked with Breda on many occasions at this stage and will no doubt work with her again, she is a powerhouse, an inspiration and really helps you see things that you can't or don't want to see which help you move forward.

Geraldine, Inspire Coaching


Month 1

The Easiest Business Model Route to Hit Your Goals
We will break down your business model and offerings into an extremely manageable plan so you can focus on exactly what you need to do in an easier way


Connecting with your clients on the deepest level ever!
Knowing how to connect with and be heard by your perfect soul mate clients will half the amount of time you spend creating content and will have information pouring out of you and be so excited to get it into the hands of your perfect soulmate clients!


Shifting your Energy around money so you accept it faster.
We will explore the topics of getting paid, goal alignment and all things money structure related to ensure that you are ready and open to receive all the money you are calling in.


Permission to Upgrade
You want a better and easier life for yourself. We will look at how you can start identifying the upgrades you can make right now and understand how this can bring a new energy to you and your business/life!


Flaking on your commitments
Self sabotage, mindset, goal alignment and not giving up. We are going to look at the easiest way possible for you to ensure that you are always committed and allowing your goals to become your reality.


Holding space for yours and others expansion
We will explore the 3 areas that must be prioritised to ensure that this is a done deal for you!


Stepping into your truth and doing things your way
The structure/support required to make things easy for you, your business, your clients


Getting Yourself Back in alignment when off track
There will be times when it all does not feel easy but getting yourself back into the correct energy quickly will ensure that you don't lose focus on what you want to create.

- To have their most successful year in business ever this year.
- To commit to a handful of things that they know work and stop killing themselves trying to make sales and sign clients.
- To start taking more time to connect with themselves and what they want to create
- To make things so much easier than they have been.
- To practice complete trust that their goals will happen ...even when it looks like they won't
- To walk their talk
- To ONLY work with clients who light them up from now on.

This is what we are doing in EXPANSION.

We will support each other.
We will brainstorm with each other.
We will celebrate all our successes together.
We will be there to get ourselves back on track and recommitted to what we said we would do.
This year, all the crap is going.
- The constant push to get sales.
- Allowing people who we know are not our perfect soulmate clients to work with us.
- Jumping from one thing to the next without giving it our 100% commitment to see it through.
This year
- We believe we can make it work.
- We find the EASIEST way to reach our targets.
- We work with a handful of clients
-We have more time for us than ever before.
- We upgrade our lives and our business.
- We inspire others.
- We stand in our true power and truth.
“What an amazing lady Breda Stackpool is!!!!! I am in awe. Move over Tony Robbins, and Oprah Winfrey!!!!!!!”
Victoria Mary Clarke

FLEXIBLE OPTION 9 payments of €555.55

DONE AND DUSTED Pay In Full €4999


In Expansion you will..
  • Align with your goals so perfectly that they become a done deal.
  • Connect with your clients on such a deeper level that you will be so excited to work with them.
  • Allow you to speak your truth and share your message without over thinking.
  • Create services and products to generate more time and more freedom.
  • Deepen your connection to your inner guidance and intuition so you never second guess your decisions
  • Work less and find the balance you want for your life.
  • Step into the easiest route to your goals confidently and consistently

This environment is for the woman who wants to simplify her business, raise her prices, attract better quality clients and have a better quality of life by taking control of her actions and giving herself  FULL permission to achieve her goals.


    To kick off, I will personally work with you to plan out what you should be focusing on in your business and why. We will create your simple income creation plan for this year and map out the monthly actions you need to take to make this a done deal!
    Each month we will come together as a group video call and ensure that we are completely aligned to what we are focused on creating that month. You will be surrounded by support, inspiration and guidance to help you take the steps and allow in what you say you want. This will be your chance to tweak and fine tune your plan while also eliminating any fear or doubts that might stop you taking the action you need.
    We all have questions that need someone else's advice from time to time. As well as having daily access to the members only group for questions, you will also get the chance to submit your questions in advance for our live q&a call.
    This is where we celebrate the successes you are achieving and get group support when you need it. It is here I will also share any extra resources, tips and tools I feel you require over the time you are in the program. If you require extra clarification or support this is also where you can submit any extra questions to get help from me and the rest of the group.
    For that extra 1-1 support when you need it through voxer, instagram or facebook DM's
    You will find these inside your membership area and are to act as support for the practical steps you will need to take in order to achieve your goals in the fastest and easiest way possible. You will find a mixture or strategy and mindset guides. You will have lifetime access to these.
    At the start of each month we will commit our goals by declaring them to each other. Stating your goal with intention is the first step in creating it!
    In order to move powerfully and confidently forward, we must look inwards to make sure that we are constantly checking on for what does not serve us so we can identify it and release it. This will be the time of no excuses and doing the inner work will help you take the steps you need. These journal prompts will help you get crystal clear on what you need to change and commit to.
    On the last week of every month we will work to keep your energy high to ensure you allow yourself to stay connected to receive your goals! This is the time when most people retract, we are going to expand, commit to our plan and not give up until the very last second!
  10. PRE-WORK
    As soon as you register you will receive your expansion pre-work designed to help you get really and clear on what you TRULY want from you, your business and your life and how to make the changes right now to start moving towards this in the easiest way possible.
This is not about creating more work, its about creating a business that WORKS! But I am only accepting 5 women who are ready to step up into this powerful group!


FLEXIBLE OPTION 9 payments of €555.55

DONE AND DUSTED Pay In Full €4999


I’m excited to help you create the business you deserve,
To your continued success,