My complete list of every single online resource I used to take my business from 0 to a very decent 5 figures in 6 months

(bear in mind I had very little money at the time so most of these were free or a very small investment)

vcm_s_kf_repr_320x480_Sharper_EdgesLess than a year ago I was forced into starting again. I had lost everything, had no choice but to move back into my old childhood room and I had a decision to make :

Either get a job or follow my dream.

I decided to follow my dream and re-launch my coaching business Prioritise Your Success. I also gave myself 3 months to get back on my feet again doing what I could with what I've got.

6 months later I had completely changed my life around and had made a decent 5 figure sum in my business allowing me to recalim my independence and my life again.

My gift to you is my complete list of online resources I used to get myself back on track. Most are free, some have a small investment attached, but all got me to where I wanted to go along with some focus dedication and hard work!

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