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I realise that once you have your productivity plan in place you may need some help. Maybe you just need to talk it over with me and get a second pair of eyes onto you plan and see if these are the activities that will produce results in your business OR figure out if there is a better way to do it?

If this is something that interests you then all you have to do is hit the Register Now button on this page and you can get me to evaluate your plan in a 1:1 session..

Just me and you for 45 mins focused on your business and the results it can produce.

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  • 1:1 Coaching with me dedicated to your productivity plan and the results you want to produce in your business
  • ONLY time you will ever get a chance to claim coaching at this low rate.
  • Peace of mind that the plan you have created for your business is the right one.
“Breda is a very skilled coach and helped me to find a new perspective when I was feeling stuck. The result was a great boost of motivation to break through the wall that I have been building up for month. I managed to make initial contacts that I now can follow up. She has been there for me at a point exactly when I needed a guidance in an area I haven't felt as secure to ship through on my own
Sandy Seeber, Sales Trainer and Coach

I spent years figuring out what were the right tasks I needed to prioritise in my business to get the right results.. I don't want you to spend years figuring it out. Register now and secure your coaching session. Once payment has been made someone will be in touch soon to book your session.

Breda is a life saver, picked me up when I needed to hear a few home truths regarding my business and it was all done in a very nice manner as well which always helps!! I recommend Business Mentoring with Breda because as a business owner you are emotional and sensitive about your own business, but a business mentor is not so they can see things you cannot see and offer advice you cannot give yourself 
Barbara Brown, Browns Vineyard

Why am I giving you a $130 discount?
Well firstly I want to make this quick and easy for you, A decision that is a NO BRAINER.

Also you will have done some work before this session. You are going to spend some time doing this training, you are going to develop your plan and I just want to acknowledge that and reward you for the work that you have already put in.

Remember this is the ONLY time this offer will be made

Is there a Limit?


My time is also limited and I can open up only 5 spots per month for these 1:1 sessions

Prioritise Your Own Success TODAY!!