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A Day Out Of Your Business to Work On Your Business Early Bird (plus access to Breda's Bootcamp for FREE) - Saving €244 

a day out

During this one day Event - January 26th 2017, Dublin - We will look at every single part of your business and figure out the changes you need to make in order to get the RESULTS you want in 2017!

We will cover everything from Pricing structures, sales and marketing, to the reasons you are not making money and how to develop and Money Making Plan

BOOK your ticket today and get Free Enrollment to Breda's 12 Week Bootcamp so you can start making the changes you need to make NOW!

Yes Breda, I Want to Attend Your 1 day Event in Dublin Jan 26th and get a Free Pass into  Breda's Business Bootcamp, - NOW ONLY €97 (Saving of €244)

Boost Your Business Results 1:1 Intensive- 66% OFF

Boost Your Business Results

This intensive is suitable for you if you have a business that is currently not getting the results you would like. We will identify the pain points your business is currently struggling with and come up with a plan to increase your results in the next month.

You also get access to me for questions for 30 days after the consultation so I can ensure that you get the results you want!

Boost Your Business Results 90 minute 1:1 Intensive- 66% OFF - NOW ONLY €97 (Regular €297)
ONLY 3 Available

 The Order Processing And Online Payment System- OVER 70% OFF


Not only is it easy to have a fully functioning order form that you can email to email to your customers, link to your Facebook page or add to your website.

It will actually save you time too! No longer will you have to spend hours processing orders, clarifying details and or waiting for the response you need to actually get money in the bank!

You can simply focus on full filling the order and allow your automated order form to take care of the rest!

And I’m gonna show YOU how to set the entire thing up, step by step so you too can be taking automated payments in less than 3 hours time!

Yes Breda, I want The Order Processing And Online Payment System for  Over 70% OFF - NOW ONLY €9 (Regular €29)

Using Facebook to Find and Get You Clients - 70% OFF

facebook training (2)

This training is for business owners who stare at their screen day in and day out wishing that they could get the results that they see others get using Facebook. If you have been struggling to make facebook work for you, then you are probably spending a lot of time here but not making sales or getting clients.

Without knowing what to do or how to do it, you’re going nowhere fast. You’ll work your behind off and have nothing to show for it, because the work you’re doing is just “busy” work and nothing that will actually bring in the enquiries or odrers.

We’re about to change all of that right now, in my Home Study Training - Using Facebook To Find And Get You Clients.. where I am going to teach you step by step how I constantly generate leads, make sales and become fully booked with clients.. using ONLY Facebook!

Yes Breda, I NEED Using Facebook To Find and Get Me Clients, Home Study Guide, for 70% OFF - NOW ONLY €27 (Regular €97)

Stepping Into Money - 20% OFF PLUS 3 CALLS BONUS

I am SO EXCITED to announce this membership program. Truth be told my private clients have been asking me for a follow on to my 1:1 6 month coaching program to help them create the momentum they wanted in their business in relation to growing their sales month on month.

I have packed everything yo will need into this to get you the results you want to get over the coming 12 months.

AND you get 4 great bonuses if you book today!

1. 20% of the monthly investment.
2. Access to my "Using Facebook to find and Get You Clients" Home study training.
3. Access to my "5 days to reccurring revenue" home study training
4. 3 bonus coaching calls with me if you are one of the first 40 in!

Yes Breda, I am ready to Step Into Money and Make 2017 my best year yet!!!, for 20% OFF - NOW ONLY €37 (Regular €47)

5 Days to Recurring Revenue OVER 60% OFF


When I decided to relaunch my business  I needed to regulate my income fast!

The one client at a time was just not going to give me the income I needed to get myself back on track again. I had a monthly income goal I needed to hit and in order to make sure I hit it every single month without fail, a recurring revenue stream was the only way I was going to do this!

So I figured out what my potential clients needed, and then created an offer that ensured they would work with me for 3 months, I filled this and then did the same thing all over again, but this time clients were with me for 6 months…

I can now create offers like this for days, weeks or months.. each time allowing me to hit my income target for that month. And I'm going to show you how to do this too!

Yes Breda, I WANT to learn how to create Recurring Revenue in ONLY 5 days Even if I am starting from Scratch, for OVER 60% OFF - NOW ONLY €17 (Regular €47)



It's Christmas and soon 2017 will be in full swing so why not get yourself set up with everything you need to blast into the new year

  • Ticket to "A Day Out Of Your Business To Work On Your Business", Dublin Jan 26th (Value €147)
  • A place in Breda's 12 week Business Bootcamp. (Value €197)
  • Using Facebook to Find and Get You Clients Home Study Guide (Value €97)
  • The Order Processing And Online Payment System Home Study Guide (Value €29)
  • 5 Days to Recurring Revenue Home Study Program (Value €47)
  • Boost Your Business Results 90 minute 1:1 Intensive (Value €297)

This includes EVERYTHING you need to get off to an AMAZING START IN 2017

Yes Breda, I want to grab my Christmas Special Bundle, for OVER 75% OFF - NOW ONLY €197 (Regular €814)