ATTENTION: service delivery business owners, coaches, trainers & consultants, and solo-professionals

Sometimes the best thing to do is clear the decks and start with a new plan of action with a clear and focused mind

Join us to learn how to easily get everything you need into place in only 12 weeks using this easy step by step guide ...BUT HURRY, PLACES ARE LIMITED

Dear Business Owner,


Life has been turned upside down in the last few months due to the virus that is sweeping across the world.

Many people have had to think fast on their feet.
Many incomes have been slashed.
Lot's of plans have been thrown in the bin and a complete re-think is happening.

Millions of people around the world right now are in some form of lock down.

Most people, once the shock of it had worn off, started to embrace this time with family and FINALLY started to tick off those de-cluttering and maintenance jobs around the house.

Maybe you caught up on some courses or books.

Maybe you got into a great exercise routine with Joe Wicks.

Maybe you were delighted to sit on the couch and catch-up on those movies and box sets you never had time to watch.


There is talk of easing lock down restrictions and we have to start preparing for our new normal's..whatever they are.

For some, not much has changed and their business is continuing.

For others, a complete change is necessary to move things online.

For the quick thinkers, a business pivot is happening.

For many, trying to juggle everything with kids in tow is a daily very real struggle!

“ Breda is an inspiration. Not simply because she tackles the thorny issues head on but because they’re dealt with by making a plan that will definitely work. Breda helped me re-focus and re-energise so I could make my own plan for success.

I've been thinking a lot lately about what I could do to help


I thought about doing masterclasses, teaching how to deliver online programs, creating tonnes of content..
But all of it felt a little off..
I feel like there is SO much stuff out there at the moment, everyone seems to be teaching a new thing that you need now..and maybe you do, but maybe you don't.

I thought back to every-time I had to make changes and re-adjust.


  • When I started my first, second and third business.
  • When I relaunched my coaching business after 2 years of dipping in and out of it.
  • After I had my baby a year ago through an extremely difficult pregnancy and birth.
  • When I realised my confidence had taken a hit due to becoming a Mum


It is so easy to take shortcuts, get an idea and dive straight in without fully thinking it through.

It is even easier to think that there is nothing you can do, bury your head in the sand and wait for things to change.

Neither of these options are going to set you up for long term results.

Right now we need to be thinking about setting everything up so it works well into the future..virus or no virus

If you set structures up now that do not work in the long term, then you'll have to start all over again whenever our old life returns!

So what do you do?
Where do you start?
How do you put this all into place.

We start at the beginning and set STRONG ROOTS AND THOSE ARE....

Mindset and Business Foundations

If these two things are not in place and solid enough to hold you and guide you through all the steps you are taking then just like any shaky eventually collapses.
This has happened to me so many times that I now know exactly what I need to do.

When all of my plans went down the drain, just like so many first of course I panicked!

But then I took a breath and thought

"Breda, you have been here before and you know what to do so get back to basics"

And that is exactly what I did.
  • I cleared the decks
  • Made new sales plans
  • Created new work schedules since no childcare and hubby home full time
  • Upped my presence on social media
  • Created new offers to sell
  • Tweaked my mindset routine to make it even more powerful

AND... I still have time to spend with my family, get those long finger house jobs done and even watch netflicks!

“The best thing about the 12 weeks I spent with Breda was building a foundation for my business and putting a plan together for the future. The biggest difference it has made for me is getting clarity on what I do for others and the importance of sales and marketing!!

Working with Breda has given me a business that I have clarity on and more in Control of. I have learned so much , I have pushed myself out of comfort zones, through barriers and have grown every week with it. I have also found my passion in what I do again!

Sometimes it can be hard to see the wood from the trees and everybody needs help sometimes to get back on the track of why they started this business in the first place.

Thanks for everything Breda,  xx”


Claire Ryan & Claires Clothes Clinic


So here is how I can help.

I want you get your mindset and business foundations in place, and as we build them WE BUILD A STRONGER YOU AND BUSINESS.
We are going to look at every single thing you need in your business from planning to time management to social media to what to sell and how to sell it.
And we are going to build a really strong and powerful mindset to ensure you have everything you need to make your goals your reality.
I think a lot of us are now working towards our new normal. We have started to put plans in place for how our business will work from now on...
This is what I want to help you with..
To make sure that you have EVERYTHING in place to give you the best possible chance of success.

Get your Business Back on Track and Working Better

BUT I am doing something a little crazy.
What I have done is combined two of my most popular programs together and I am going to run them LIVE to help you get all your questions answered and ensure you a fully set up for success and fully adapted to your new normal.

Business Bootcamp AND Journal Mastery

✔️12 weeks of coaching and q&a calls
✔️Full access to 12 how to modules in Business Bootcamp
✔️Full access to 5 how to modules in Journal Mastery
✔️3 bonus training to help you kick start right now.
✔️3 bonus live training in Journal Mastery to help you step up your mindset game even more


“What an amazing lady Breda Stackpool is!!!!! I am in awe. Move over Tony Robbins, and Oprah Winfrey!!!!!!!”
Victoria Mary Clarke

I will be your personal guide for the next few months. Each week you will receive a new step by step training helping and templates helping you week after week ;

  1. 12 Video Tutorials and related Templates Every 7 days a new training will be delivered to you helping you fix the problems in your business and create a plan to find the solutions you need. You will be given small homework tasks to help you keep on track and build the strong business foundations you need. Your First Training will be delivered on May 25th
    • Week 1: Time for Business - How to ensure your spending it correctly and how to make changes and stick to them!
    • Week 2: Clearing The Clutter - What you need and what you don't need to get results and how to put everything in place to support you
    • Week 3: Goal Setting - What you need to know and how to ensure you reach them.
    • Week 4: Keeping Yourself on Track - How to ensure you get RESULTS every week.
    • Week 5: Money - Let's figure out why you are not making enough
    • Week 6: Ideal Clients - How to go deeper and figure this out once and for all so you know what to offer and what not to
    • Week 7: Sales - How do you "do" sales, and where you are going wrong
    • Week 8: Sales Conversation Mastery - Increasing your conversion rate easily so more clients are saying "YES" to working with you!
    • Week 9: Social Media - How to sell, and not be boring!
    • Week 10: Pricing Structures - Everything you need to know to set your prices correctly.
    • Week 11: Offers From Your Business - Never run out of things to sell again!
    • Week 12: Money Making Plans - So you'll never be broke again!
  2. Quick Start Implementation Pack In order to help you get a head start I will rush to you all 3 bonus video's to ensure that you hit the ground running and start getting results immediately. You get these bonuses as soon as you register!
    • Bonus 1 - How to get clear on who your ideal client really is and why its important to know this.
    • Bonus 2 - Easy Content Creation Strategies So You Are Never Stuck For What To Say On Social Media Ever Again
    • Bonus 3 - 5 ways to get sales now even if you are starting from scratch.
  3. Unlimited Access to me Need some feedback on that facebook post, logo design or email you're just about to send to your client or potential client. Having a wobble and just need to vent?  Post in the facebook group whatever you want as many times as you want over the 12 weeks and beyond. I'm here to support you and get your business moving in the right direction and you will have life time access to this group.
  4. 12 Live Coaching Calls Every week we will be live in the group answering your questions, giving extra help and training if necessary, brainstorming how to put everything into place.
  1. 5 Video Tutorials  Creating your own strong and powerful mindset practice has never been so easy. Broken down into 5 easy to follow steps..You will even get a ringside seat as I take you thorough my own mindset practice that I attribute all I have accomplished to. Your Training will be delivered as soon as you register!
    • DAY 1 - The 5 Step Journal Format to Fast Track Your Personal Growth.
    • DAY 2 - How to get the best results from your journal question
    • DAY 3 - How to make sure your writing calls in your wants and desire
    • DAY 4 - What to focus on to make your Journal Practice the MOST powerful tool you will ever use!
    • DAY 5 - Daily. Weekly and Monthly Rituals for Success & Client Attracting Content"
  2. 3 Bonus Live training I am constantly tweaking and improving my mindset practice and I am going to share with you my most powerful rituals to help you set yourself up for success
    • Bonus 1 - The quick and easy task to add to your daily mindset work so you see results fast
    • Bonus 2 - Monthly Money Journal tasks to keep the flow of money to you open
    • Bonus 3 - How to find the REAL and TRUE why behind everything you do.
  3. Unlimited Access to me  Post in the members only facebook group whenever you want as many times as you want over the 12 weeks and beyond. I'm here to support you so you can develop a strong and powerful mindset. You will have life time access to this group.
  4. 4 Live Coaching Calls I will be on hand to ensure that you move through the training and understand what you need to so to put everything in place.

Remember Both of these will be run as live courses so I can ensure I am on hand to help you put everything in place as you move towards your new normal

Together..these programs are €396 BUT..I asked for guidance on this and have decided that

I am going to run BUSINESS REBOOT for ONLY €97

AND you can even choose to have a payment plan of ONLY €9 per week to allow you to get full access to this no matter where you are right now.

You will have lifetime access to the member support groups and the training so you can refer back to it and get support when you need it..
ALL FOR ONLY €9 per week...
The only thing is I can only make this available to a limited number of people so if you want this don't delay on registering
What you need to Know

  • We are starting on May 25th
  • Once you register you will have immediate access to the 3 Bonus Bootcamp Training AND the full Journal Mastery training so you can get a head start.
  • Our Journal Mastery Coaching calls will take on May 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th
  • Our Bootcamp Coaching calls will take place every Tuesday at 12pm starting June 2nd
  • All call replays will be available.

In just 1-3 hours each week TOGETHER solve problems such as

  • Poor Confidence
  • Not allowing yourself to stand in your true power
  • Lack of Routine to get your business tasks complete.
  • Time Management.
  • How to handle the "Big Shiny Object" distractions.
  • How to get yourself out-there and attract customers.
  • How to create your alone time to focus.
  • How to set up family support systems.
  • How to use the knowledge that you already have.
  • How to get your to do list to work for you.
  • How set up strategies that work for you.
  • How to stop losing sales.
  • How to sell, what to sell and who to sell to.
  • How to figure out why you are not making money.
  • How to build a presence on social media and to sell in a way that will get you results.
  • How to have sales conversations.
  • How to create offers that sell.
  • How to sell your offers.
  • ...And many more

I am dedicated to getting you where you need to go and I will be with you every step of the way supporting you and answering your questions along the way.


We are all going through some changes right now and everyone's lives have been turned upside down!
What I want to do right now is simply help you get back on track so I am going to do something that I have never done before...

You are getting both of these programs..and remember they are live rounds so you get all the support you need...

FOR ONLY €97! [the combined usual price of these programs is €396]

AND... this is the really crazy part... You can even pay in 12 installments of ONLY €9

So, are you ready to reboot?
“ Breda is a life saver, picked me up when I needed to hear a few home truths regarding my business and it was all done in a very nice manner as well which always helps!! I recommend Business Mentoring with Breda because as a business owner you are emotional and sensitive about your own business, but a business mentor is not so they can see things you cannot see and offer advice you cannot give yourself  
Barbara Brown, Browns Vinyard

Are you ready to take your business – and life - to the next level? I’m sure the answer is YES! So choose your preferred payment option and grab your access to this program NOW!

“My business was in a mess. It had no structure or focus. I found myself saying yes to any client request whether it was feasible or not.

I now feel like a viable business! I feel like I am in control, I have a plan and a clear direction and I know what has to be done to attain success and I feel confident enough now to pursue it. It has made me much more confident, much happier to continue on this path. I was ready to give up on this business before doing this programme but now I feel much clearer and I feel like I have more certainty.

 I knew as soon as I started working with Breda that she could help me with my business's lack of structure and direction. I knew that she would be able to help me personally with my own lack of clarity and certainty. During our time working together Breda helped me not only with the problems I had outlined but also with aspects of the business that she knew, from her own experience; I would have to work on. She had a friendly and open approach that made it very easy to work with her. I feel that I covered everything I wanted to cover and so much more that I didn't even know I should cover! The difference to my business between before the completion of this course and after completing it is like night and day.

Tracy Kelly & Pearl Interior Design

✔️12 weeks of coaching and q&a calls
✔️Full access to 12 how to modules in Business Bootcamp
✔️Instant access to 5 how to modules in Journal Mastery
✔️ Instant access to 3 bonus training to help you kick start right now.
✔️3 bonus live training in Journal Mastery to help you step up your mindset game even more

12 Weekly Payments of ONLY €9


This programme can provide you with everything you need to get you focused and creating consistent productive results NOW

Just 3 months from now YOU could be the one reflecting what you have accomplished. Start today.

So register now, remember this very special offer ONLY available now , so don't kick yourself later for missing out!

I’m excited to help you create the business you deserve

Remember if you do the work and take consistent action, you can get the RESULTS you want in business and life.
Don't delay, Start today.

Breda x