Do you want to  get yourself in front of potential clients and get the RIGHT PUBLICITY for your BUSINESS? 

Are you grabbing every opportunity to promote your business?
Are you making sure that your potential clients know you exist through every medium available to you?
Are you clear on YOUR message and how to use this to grab media attention?
Are you comfortable answering questions and speaking on camera?


Do you still believe that you need a large budget to get media coverage?
Do you back away from Public Speaking and Camera work due to lack of confidence?
Do you struggle with figuring out HOW to get in front of more of YOUR target market?
Do you stop yourself from contacting tv/radio/print media because you don't know who to contact or what to send them?


Join us for one day to GET YOUR BUSINESS FAMOUS
Green Isle Hotel Newlands Cross, April 18th 2018

 Ticket Sales End April 16th

We Get It

You have a business that you love and YOU KNOW that you are offering something of value that you care deeply about and that you could be making a real difference in people’s lives.  

If only they knew about you, RIGHT???

You realise that people need to know about you in order to buy from you, and you really want to raise your profile and get yourself in front of your clients so that they can benefit from what you have to offer.


You are being held back because you are clueless about where to start.
You wish you knew how to make contact with the media and/or what to say to them.
You struggle with framing your story and making it easy for journalists.

You hold yourself back because of

  • shyness
  • being too self conscious
  •  fear of what people will think or say
  • impostor syndrome
  • fear of getting tongue tied and spluttery
  • feeling that you are just not media savvy enough

Is it time for more people to know about you and what you can offer?

Yep, we know what that feels like.

You have something amazing to offer to the world.
You want more people to know about it.
You want more people to experience your gifts and talents.


You don't know how to do it.
You don't know where to start.

That's where we come in..

We have been in that place.
Not sure HOW to get attention for what we do.
Not knowing who to call.
Not knowing where to get help.


When you do get in front of the right people... What the hell do you say to ENSURE that you get leads, enquiries and most importantly SALES!

We have both taken our businesses and used the mediums available to us to get noticed and hired.. and now we are going to show you how to do it too!

Victoria Mary Clarke has worked in international media for over thirty years as a journalist and broadcaster.  She is also a best-selling author, and has been interviewed and featured in a huge range of media outlets worldwide, including Entertainment Weekly, The Washington Post, The LA Times, Marie Claire, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, BBC Television, Sky TV, Channel 4, RTE and more.  She has a passion for media and for helping business people to make the most of opportunities to get the word out about what they do.

Victoria will to help you break down all the barriers that you currently see as your blocking factors for getting more publicity for your business

Breda Stackpool specialises in Small Business Productivity and Business Performance working with business owners all over the world helping them create a business that works for them and their lives while also focusing on increasing their income, gaining a following for their talents and building their confidence as a strong and powerful Business Owner. Her passion lies in helping people create their own financial independence so they can have the business and life they have always wanted.

Breda will make sure that when you get the publicity you want that you are ready for the enquiries and sales that will follow

Together, Breda and Victoria bring a wealth of hands on, practical experience coaching people to build and grow businesses as well as training them to promote and publicise themselves  clearly and effectively, with confidence and charisma.

‘Breda has showed me how to develop and grow my business as a media coach,’ Victoria says.  ‘Without her, I would never have dared to do this work.  I believe that she is deeply committed to helping business people to reach their potential, and I am passionate about teaching them to get their message out.’

We are going to show you exactly what to do and how to do it in just ONE day, to get you clear and confident about getting your work out to your audience through the media. 

Working with Victoria was fantastic, such a treasure trove of advice and knowledge on how to get media and publicity for your business. Love her simple strategies and her unique approach which focuses in on energy and intuition. Brilliant!

First Step..Getting You Ready

The more prepared you are for publicity, the more comfortable and confident you will be, and the more your clients will respond to you.

We are going to explore...

  • What’s your story? What is your business story?
    You will discover how to make a positive and lasting impact on the media, and you will become familiar with telling your own story and that of your business in a way that really makes people connect with you emotionally. You will learn to identify which parts of your own personal story you can use to enhance your business story in a way that really sells your brand.
  • Telling your story:
    You will learn how to communicate your story with clarity, confidence and charisma, so that people watching and listening to you pay attention to you, clearly understand and respond to you.
  • How to make the media love you:
    You will learn how to create a harmonious atmosphere in a media interview, and how to give the very best impression of yourself.
“Breda is a very skilled coach and helped me to find a new perspective when I was feeling stuck. The result was a great boost of motivation to break through the wall that I have been building up for month. I managed to make initial contacts that I now can follow up. She has been there for me at a point exactly when I needed a guidance in an area I haven't felt as secure to ship through on my own
Sandy Seeber, Sales Trainer and Coach

Second Step..Getting You Out There

Before we start getting you out to the world, it is important to get rid of anything that might sabotage you or get in your way, namely fears, limiting beliefs and procrastination!

In just one day..

  • You will learn to identify and eliminate your own obstacles to expansion.
  • You will quickly figure out the appropriate media channels for you and your business
  • You will know who to pitch to in the media, and how to contact them and develop lasting positive relationships with them.
  • You will be crystal clear on what the media are looking for and how to give them what they want.
  • You will design and take action steps immediately, formulate a plan to keep yourself on track and grow your profile.
  • You will learn effective techniques for handling rejection and disappointment as well as for handling success.
  • You will know what to have in place to effectively manage the influx of enquiries your business will receive from the extra exposure and publicity.

“If you're looking to elevate your company's media profile, I couldn't recommend VMC Media Coaching highly enough. Having extensive experience on both sides of the camera, microphone and pen, Victoria deeply understands the inner workings of the PR realm and has the connections that only years of media experience could yield. But Victoria is so much more than a modern-day PR rolodex! She'll challenge you out of your comfort zone in a way that makes you feel supported and confident. She'll spot your strengths and work like mad to build on them because she very naturally wants you to succeed. Whether you're looking for press, radio and/or television coverage both in Ireland or abroad, Victoria can make it happen.
Breda is a life saver, picked me up when I needed to hear a few home truths regarding my business and it was all done in a very nice manner as well which always helps!! I recommend Business Mentoring with Breda because as a business owner you are emotional and sensitive about your own business, but a business mentor is not so they can see things you cannot see and offer advice you cannot give yourself 
Barbara Brown, Browns Vineyard

So who is this day for?

This training is particularly suited to business owners who are ready to emerge from the shadows and start truly making the difference they have always dreamed of making in peoples lives.

Ready to get your business in front of as many people as possible in 2018?

Then join us on our one day exclusive event and we'll show you everything we know to help you figure out what you need to do and how to gain the confidence to do it so you can get the RESULTS you desperately need for your business.

How much will this day cost?

We want you to be able to access this information but also we don't want money to be the thing that stands in your way, so  we are making this available to you at the very affordable  Rate of ONLY €247. 


We  are really excited to meet you face to face and see what changes we can make to your business to ensure you can reach your goals.

This is your chance to GET YOUR BUSINESS FAMOUS IN 2018

You can decide not to come if you want, that's up to you. But unless you are

  • 100% sure that you will book all the clients you desire this year.
  • Confident and self assured enough to get yourself out there.
  • Already getting the results you want from promotional activites
  • Already earning the income you want
  • Sure that this is not right for you at this time

Then don't come to this event because you have everything you need to get you and your business out there in front of your huge awaiting audience!


If you could
=> spend the day with not one but two experts and pick their brains... actually 5 experts.. you haven't seen the bonuses yet!!
=> get all your publicity questions answered.
=> potentially get your business featured in the media through just one strategy you will learn.
=>  get your business in front of more people than it has ever had before

 Then please join us! Wednesday April 18th 2018, Green Isle Hotel, Newlands Cross, Dublin
LIMITED Places Available
Will We See You There? 

Join us for one day to GET YOUR BUSINESS FAMOUS
Green Isle Hotel Newlands Cross, April 18th 2018

Ticket Sales End April 16th

Oh.. and you also get these 4 BONUSES !!! 
BONUS 1- Selling from FaceBook Live Masterclass

Breda attributes almost 90% of her sales from using the FREE Facebook Live feature..

You will learn how to get yourself out there using Facebook Live, and how to use it to reach and sell to your customers effectively.

BONUS 2 - Pick the brain of the Sunday Independent Features Editor


You will meet and hear from Mary O'Sullivan, Features Editor & Interiors Writer Sunday Independent, who will give you her perspective on what journalists want and how they want you to connect with them.



Forever Makeup Founder Annie Gribbin will be on hand to show us the best tips for making sure we are always camera ready

...even if it is just for Facebook Live!

BONUS 4 - Get Your Business On the Radio

Kelly understands the inherent challenges of starting and running your own project or business, and enjoys helping people build success and reach their goals, in addition to enabling people overcome obstacles, such as budgetary constraints and assisting them in promoting their ventures.

Kelly presents upstarts on Dublin City FM and and she will speak about getting your business featured on the radio

  1. How long is this event?
    It is a full day, plan to arrive between 9.00am and 9.30am. Finish between and 5.00pm 5.30pm.
  2. Will I need to bring anything?
    Just lots of pen and paper and an attitude to figure out exactly what is holding you back in getting your business.
  3. Is there a dress code?
    Dress as though you are about to be interviewed.
  4. Is lunch included in this price?