Accelerate Prework #2

CHANGE starts now!

In order to step into the next version of ourselves, we must know what we are truly aiming for and what we need to start doing right now to give ourselves the best possible chance of success.

Please drop into yourself and consider each of these questions from a point of alignment and trust that you can achieve them.

You might find it easier to copy these questions into your journal and answer them by writing. I find my thoughts can flow a little freer while writing.

Go as deep as you can for these questions. These answers are just for you, and I will not receive a copy of them.

If you choose to type the answers, a copy will be sent to your email only.

I am referring to the thing that you KNOW you want but are not doing anything about it. The little voice in the back of your head that you are dismissing because - you don't think you are ready - you think it's not the right time - you don't know how you would do it - you feel it would be too much work THESE ARE THE GOALS AND DESIRES YOU ARE GOING TO GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO CHASE FROM THIS MOMENT ON.
This answer might not come easily to you. If not simply hand it over to the universe and ask it to drop the idea into your head.