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Stepping Into Money Membership - 39% Off for 1st 3 months

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✔ Monthly Recorded Masterclasses (uploaded to members area)

✔ Monthly mini live masterclasses (held in Facebook group)

✔ How to's and Step by Step instructions (uploaded to members area)

✔ Weekly Homework (posted in Facebook group EVERY Monday)

✔ Weekly accountability (posted in Facebook group EVERY Friday)

✔ Weekly live Q&A'S (Ask me anything - hosted in Facebook group every Wednesday at 3pm

✔ Access to my "Using Facebook to Find and Get You Clients" home study guide (uploaded to members area)

✔ Access to my "5 days to Recurring Revenue" home study guide (uploaded to members area)

✔ Access to BONUS training "How to get Really Clear on Who Your Ideal Client Is" home study guide (uploaded to members area)

✔ Access to BONUS training "Creating Routines That Work for You And Get You Results Week after Week" home study guide (uploaded to members area)

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Breda's Business Bootcamp - 39% OFF


This is the program you need if you want me to take you by the hand and help you to get your business back on track, solve all the problems and challenges you are currently facing and MAKE MORE SALES!

It's for people who have struggled alone for long enough and want to start taking their business SERIOUSLY once and for all!

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Using Facebook to Find and Get You Clients - 39% OFF

facebook training (2)

This training is for business owners who stare at their screen day in and day out wishing that they could get the results that they see others get using Facebook. If you have been struggling to make facebook work for you, then you are probably spending a lot of time here but not making sales or getting clients.

Without knowing what to do or how to do it, you’re going nowhere fast. You’ll work your behind off and have nothing to show for it, because the work you’re doing is just “busy” work and nothing that will actually bring in the enquiries or orders.

We’re about to change all of that right now, in my Home Study Training - Using Facebook To Find And Get You Clients.. where I am going to teach you step by step how I constantly generate leads, make sales and become fully booked with clients.. using ONLY Facebook!

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5 Days to Recurring Revenue 39% OFF


When I decided to relaunch my business  I needed to regulate my income fast!

The one client at a time was just not going to give me the income I needed to get myself back on track again. I had a monthly income goal I needed to hit and in order to make sure I hit it every single month without fail, a recurring revenue stream was the only way I was going to do this!

So I figured out what my potential clients needed, and then created an offer that ensured they would work with me for 3 months, I filled this and then did the same thing all over again, but this time clients were with me for 6 months…

I can now create offers like this for days, weeks or months.. each time allowing me to hit my income target for that month. And I'm going to show you how to do this too!

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5 Days to Make Time To Kiss Your Business 39% OFF

You don't ever stop being a business owner and you should never stop promoting yourself or making sales.

Now, I am not saying you NEED to work 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.
- you can if you want to.. that is up to you.

What I am saying is that there are certain tasks you should complete every single day.
These tasks should be the back bone of your business.
These tasks should have the ability to make you sales or get you clients TODAY.

Then you can do all the other stuff.
Then you can have your down time.

I want to help you start a new routine today so you can make sure the tasks you set out for everyday will grow your business. I have worked very hard to create the routines, systems and structures in my business to support me, my clients and allow me to do what I need to do EVERYDAY.. without feeling overwhelmed or having to suffer feast or famine in my business.

I will help you do that too in ONLY 5 days!

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