This one day event CLARITY CONFIDENCE CREATION is for anyone who...

WANTS to stop working in a way that does not suit them and create the actual business life balance they ultimately want.

FEELS that no matter how hard they try they are still overworked and underpaid.

KNOWS there has to be an easier way but just can't seem to pull everything together and make it work like other people do.

KNOWS in theory that they need to change they way they are working, change their prices and sell more.. but they just don't seem to have the confidence to do any of these things.

RECOGNISES that they are stuck.. they desperately want to move forward and achieve their goals but seem to always take 1 step forward.. 2 steps back!

WANTS TO stop living in overwhelm

NEEDS TO start seeing some results for all the hard work they are putting into their business.

IS DESPERATE TO create a balance between balance and life while having a consistent income to support them.

WANTS TO become so much more comfortable with pricing and sales

KNOWS THAT they have the determination and drive to make their dreams and goals come true.

WOULD LIKE TO be proud of the business and life they have created.

Is this you?

If you fit into ANY of the categories above.. then this event is FOR YOU!

Grab your place here!

Where and when?
September 25th, Killeshin Hotel Portlaoise
Early Bird Sales end Thursday September 20th